Writing Emails with A Purpose

How many times have you seen it? You open your inbox just to see another long, seemingly endless list of emails. You cautiously open each one, giving “some” of them 10-20 seconds of a quick scan. If something captures your interest, you read on. If not, it’s a quick click (delete key) and you move on. If this is your pattern, you are not alone. This scenario is repeated by thousands, if not millions of internet users each and every day.

Knowing this pattern makes the job of internet marketers even more difficult.  Our ability to cultivate and retain any significant numbers in a downline is directly determined by our ability to maximize these precious few seconds of reading time. Have you got what it takes to write an email and get the replies flying in? Most of us send out emails almost every day.  We do it all too often with out carefully thinking about it.  As a result these emails are often written and sent out less than perfect and fail to produce the desired result.