Xanadu, the way of Manga

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If you have particular news, good reviews and latest information on related technology then you could have a great ingredients to make a great blogs. Furthermore if you like so much on something that would be a good basis to develop a better blog.

This time is about a mangaholic person that write-down all the expertise into a blog. This is a blog about anime world of manga addressed at manga.jadedragononline.com. This blog has focussed to discuss manga in US territory. All about manga in United States quite well covered here. The blog provide news, reviews, technology until parenting matters related to manga.  It has rich content of manga articles so that visitors could find what their needs by simply clicking on related menu. 

Lets Enjoy Reading with 5MinutesforBooks

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I believe that books would give a lot of benefits to the readers. I still remember my teacher said that book is a window of the worlds. We can know a lot of things from reading a books. As a blogger, books could be an interesting topics for blogging. Carrying a tag “ we’re reading into everything” , Jennifer Donovan has a mission to build a community of people who love books and reading through her blog.

You can find her blog at 5minutesforbooks.com. She provides book reviews for all ages babies to adults, fiction and non-fiction, give aways, books on screen, thoughts ‘on reading’ and more interesting things about books.

Brown eyed baker

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Homemade peppermint, Cranberry Applesauce, Gingerbread Latte, Rainbow Cake, and many more .... yummy isn’t it. What would you think about browneyedbaker? That is what attract me this time.

Browneyedbaker.com established in February 2009 carries a tag ‘sweet-savory-sinful’ will tease your apetite for this week. Browneyedbaker ... just like the blog name it resemble the creator, a real passionate foodie, baker, writer, eater, and hard worker. 

Update Your Medical Status

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One of the human basic needs is health. This topics could be a good niche for blog. This has been managed well by Medical News Today. This blog could be found at medicalnewstoday.com

Medical Nes Today is owned by MediLexicon International Ltd with head offices in the United Kingdom. It is one of the leading independent health and medical news websites on the world wide web. 

Just Jared Empire

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Entertainment would be a good keyword for search engine optimizer but when we talk about blogs that depends on the package. One of the best celebrity blogs is Just Jared. You can find this blog at JustJared.com.

Just jared is a multimedia entertainment group that includes JustJared.com and teen spin-off JustJaredJr.com, providing pop culture trends, extensive celebrity photo galleries and breaking entertainment news. An established internet presence since 2005, Just Jared Inc. Has grown rapidly due to the fresh perspective it brings to the often harsh world of celebrity news.

Gadling : A travel blog from The Huffington Post

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Many people needs vacation and me too. Thus travel information would be important to be easily found. I’ve ever mention about whygo.com, this time there are another travel info provider, gadling.com.

Gadling is the world's top travel blog, written and edited by passionate travellers and writters. Covering fun, interesting and relevant travel. Gadling is the premiere source for everything from general travel news to highly specific travel tips, from budget travel to adventure travel and for everything in between.

Whygo Made You Want to Go

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I would like to review a travel blog this time. The blog address is whygo.com. This blog is more than simple guide book put online. You would get real recommendations and answers from real experts, this blog would make your planning trip easier.

Whygo focusses on some cities around the world for example Amsterdam, Australia, Bali, Canada, Chicago, France, Grecee, Hawaii, Iceland, Italy, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Portland, Spain and Thailand. 

Small Business Trends

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Business information is crucial for enterpreneurs. A good particular information could help small business actors develop their business empire surviving from the giant company. This time I give you one blog that provide useful information for small business enterpreneurs.

The blog address is smallbiztrends.com. Many aspect to decide a blog is best or usual. A good blog depends on how the contents are. Smallbiztrends is one of the best business source blog. This blog lead by professionals and support by professionals, the result of course ... quality. It also committed to provide high quality information for the small business community.


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If you have a topics about finance that would be interesting for many people. Many different views you can tell about it. Previously, I have mention about tymothysykes and this time I want to review another blog that talk about finance (from different perspective of course). This blog tells about what people could do to manage their finance use the existing products and services.

You could find it in moneycone.com. Carrying a tag ‘personal finance & investing how to blog’ moneycone.com want to disclose the creator experience in his success to manage his finance and investment.

Make Your Thought Moving Forward

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Do you ever imagine that you could choose a topic on what people think about something and describe it on your blog? Thats what I have found on this blog review.

It is thinkprogress.org. Think progress is a project of a non partisan organization named the Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAPAF). 


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Organizing stuffs could be a hard-time, hobbies, ways to spend time, or for some it could be addictive. And this is all about, I have found someone who used to call the organizing freak.

Her name is Laura, Christian work at home wife, a mom and live in Canada. She created a blog with organizer topics. She start this from her daily activities with her children which give her plenty of organizing material to work with each and everyday. You could find her blog at orgjunkie.com.

Smashing Magazine

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This blog is a blog that provide practical tips. Smashingmagazine.com has been mentioned as one of the highest quality information sources for web designers and developers.

Founded by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennarzt in September 2006. Just in a shortime the existing of this blog was taken into account. In December 2008 BurellesLuce, a website that monitored on some media has included Smashing Magazine into a list of best ten blogs.

The Style of Sabas

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I have met some bloggers as new friend recently, one of them is this person who have particular blog that trigger my interest to make some view for hours. This is a proof that you can use your particular skill to communicate in the online world moreover if your skills in the field of graphic design.

You can find this blog at sabasdesign.com. It is the name of the founder and the skill he has. Mariano Sabas is both designer and photographer that use the blog as his portfolio. He lives in Forth Worth, Texas. The blog meant for artist, designers and photographers with great resources. 

Mashable Dot Com

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Mashable.com was founded by Pete Cashmore in Scotland, in the midst 2005. In a short time mashable had grown into one of the best blogs in the world.

Furthermore, it become a prominent blog that influence people and many of its reviews noted by reputable media such as New York Times and The Washington Post.

Freelancers Community

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Internet world has created more opportunities for many people. A lot of people have proved that using their technical skills combine with the use of internet, to earn significant cash from online world. On the other side, many people still need someone help to get what they want, earn cash from their own technical skills.

Due to some conditions, sometimes there is a gaps between the success person and person who need assistance. Thus the role of third person to bridge this gaps is somehow become important.

Learn from the Pro

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As I mentioned before in ‘Let Chow Teach You How’ now I would like to see about problogger itself. The shift of paradigm on the use of blog. Blog not only viewed as a media to distribute ideas but could also as a source of income. The question is how does a blog can be a cash maker? Problogger.net try to answer this question. Problogger contains many practical knowledge on how a blog could earn money.

Don't Forget Politics

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Political things could also become a good themes for blogging for money. Just look at talkingpointsmemo.com (TPM). Its one of the blogs on political basis with huge amount of routine readers.

Established by Josh Marshall in 2000, the blog start talking about politics in many aspect. Posts are displayed in form of ‘breaking news’, investigation reports and smart analysis. This blog also display a post from a guest writters.

Know Your Cars Better with Caradvice

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Cars as transportation tools are essential for many people. It seems that personal car is more than just a pride.

Many car owners or those who want to buy one needs good recomendation about it. This opportunity is well managed by caradvice.com.au. This blog originated from Australia, made by Alborz Fallah, an automotive devotee that drove his first car at his sixth birthdays anniversary.

Inspiring Works by Fabio Sasso

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There are alot of inspirations we could use to determine topics in our blog. This time I’ll make a reviews on Abduzeedo. This is blog about design that was built by Brazilian designer, Fabio Sasso. A great ways to deliver what you like into a blog.

You can access this blog at www.abduzeedo.com. This is one of the blogs that mostly visited by people who search about design. Everyday this blog displays inspirational design from Brazilian and American designers.

Let Chow Teach You How

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There is another blog that has a same theme with Problogger but with different approach. It is johnchow.com. John Chow is the name of the founder of johnchow.com.

He start his ways in blog world by making a blog with technology theme. John Chow become a famous person after his fight against google. 

Mommy Goes Blogging

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I’ve ever mention about Heather B. Armstrong blog (the founder and owner of dooce.com). She is a real  proof about women expertise to earn money from the net. Now I would like to talk about another mommy blog that grows well in the world wide web by talking about daily moms activities.

Themommyinsider.com is the blog that I’am talking about. This blog was started online in 2005. The actress behind the success is Alicia Hagan both founder and editor of themommyinsider.com. She is a lovely, smart, and hard worker mom that has any experience requiered to be an editor in this field. She is the only editor at the moment at the mommyinsider.com.

Life from the Net

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Internet and technology are a two aspect that closely related in a modern life. Thus many blogs have focussed their topics on these points.

Lifehacker is one of its that owned by Gawker Media Group. This blog has focussed its discussion on product reviews related with Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux. Besides provide reviews Lifehacker also gives many tips and tricks on how to use computers for its readers.

Guidance for Gamers

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Kotaku is another blog about game. This blog was made as a guidance for gamers. Kotaku is a part of Gawker Media, that also manage some reputale blogs such as Gizmodo, Deadspin, io9, Jezebel and Lifehacker. Blog with its tagline ‘the Gamers Guide’ has noted as one of best one hundreds nlog on CNET News version.

Kotaku origanted from Japanese language ‘otaku’ which means ‘obsessed’. The add of letter ‘K’ meant to give new meanings ‘rather obsessed’.

Game does Matters

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Joystiq is a blog about video game industry. This blog established in 2004 and was part of Weblog Inc network. Joystiq noted as one of the most successful blogs which exist in Weblog Inc.

There are six main categories in Joystiq, that are games, reviews, podcast, video, screenshot and downloads. 

The important progress from Jostiq categories was podcast. It is a series of post in video basis. Many visitors who don’t like to read will choose this podcast to get the latest news on video game industry.

When Gossip Earns

In the beginning this blog was adressed at pagesixsix.com which then switch to perezhilton.com. Perez Hilton is a blog that specialy discuss about musician, moviestars and celebrities, particularly Hollywood. The substances are not only the latest news but also gossip. 

Even though named Perez Hilton but that wasn’t the name of its founder. The real name of its founder is Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr and make Perez Hilton as a pen name. Born in Miami from a Cuban parents, Lavandeira wasn’t understand English. His English knowledge was learned from school.

Beat that Cash

venturebeat mainpage
Technology is a never ending topic, especialy to discuss in a blog. Many technology inovations emerge almost every day. This condition has made technology always attract many people attention. One blog that periodically reviews on technology matters is venturebeat.com.

Venturebeat established for the first time by Matt Marshall, in 2006. Only after two years operated, the existing of venturebeat has began to be taken into account. Reputable media at that time, New York Times has called it one of the “top blogs”.

Make Money from Money

Timothysykes is a personal name that adapted into a blog name. How to earn cash by talking about money, that is what Timothy Sykes doing through his blog. He revealed many tips on what he have done in growing his money.