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Political things could also become a good themes for blogging for money. Just look at (TPM). Its one of the blogs on political basis with huge amount of routine readers.

Established by Josh Marshall in 2000, the blog start talking about politics in many aspect. Posts are displayed in form of ‘breaking news’, investigation reports and smart analysis. This blog also display a post from a guest writters.

Many media watchers in United States crowned talkingpointsmemo as ‘must read blog’ for those who have interest in politics. It has also stated as new style of news media online at that time.

TPM managed seriously and professionaly. Josh Marshall act as both editor and publisher assisted by David Kurtz as managing director. They assisted by two associate editor, seven reporter bloggers, three news writers and more professionals.

TPM editor’s deemed the blog as great example on how to organize a blog on news media basis. Meanwhile accordance to Neew York Times editor TPM is a must read blog for those who have interest in world of politics. In September 2009, The Atlantic has placed Josh Marshall as one of 50 most influential comentators in the United States.

Ads spot examle
This blog also provide special places for advertisement. There are some ads spot being offered. Namely leaderboard, box, halfpage, sponsor button, mobile, video overlay, custom site skin and more and all in Click Per Mile impressions (CPM) basis. 

TPM has its own style in page design. It is simple and eyecatching. The informations are nice to read. And for sure, if you want to know about political situation in the United States, you have came to the right place.

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