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Internet and technology are a two aspect that closely related in a modern life. Thus many blogs have focussed their topics on these points.

Lifehacker is one of its that owned by Gawker Media Group. This blog has focussed its discussion on product reviews related with Microsoft Windows, Mac, and Linux. Besides provide reviews Lifehacker also gives many tips and tricks on how to use computers for its readers.

Established in 2005, Lifehacker motto is ‘Tips and downloads for getting things done’ and has its regular edition, local and international (Lifehacker Australia and Lifehacker Japan).

At first Lifehacker was fronted by Gina Trapani. Then, Adam Pash, Kevin Purdy and Jason Fitzpatrick joined. Pash substitute Gina Trapani position in 2009 and served as Editor-in-Chief until now.

This blog popularity marked by the high levels of traffic. Each month, Lifehacker visited by estimated 4,2 million readers, which dominated by male readers with age range on 18 – 34 year of ages.
the contents on lifehacker

In general, Lifehacker divides it contents in many categories. ‘hive five’ tells you about best tools that would make your internet activities more eficient, ‘lifehacker top 10’ about lists related on computer and internet. There also ‘DIY’, abbreviation of ‘do it yourelf’ tells you on practical guidances for readers and ‘download roundup’ which contains products and tools that can be downloaded, and many more.

Lifehacker has done some cooperation with other parties that result in significant financial value. Advertisements in term of banner and particular product reviews in form of sponsorship are provided too.

Lifehacker also use Google Adsense services to increase its income. Supported by the levels of traffic thus using Adsense would be considerable as significant money maker online source.

In 2005, Time magazine has noted Lifehacker as one of the ’50 Coolest Web Sites’. Then, in 2006 Wired gave a Rave Award to Gina Trapani representative’s for Best Blog Catagory . Moreover in 2007, Lifehacker accept Best Group Weblog in Weblog Awards. In the same year PC Magazine has placed Lifehacker into ‘Our Favorite 100 Blogs’.

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