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One of the human basic needs is health. This topics could be a good niche for blog. This has been managed well by Medical News Today. This blog could be found at medicalnewstoday.com

Medical Nes Today is owned by MediLexicon International Ltd with head offices in the United Kingdom. It is one of the leading independent health and medical news websites on the world wide web. 

The medical news today contains several sections such as Health News, Health Videos, and Forums. Medical news today is updated with more than 150 articles on weekdays and over 40 articles at weekends – more than any other health news website. The website is divided into 117 medical categories/specialities, allowing you to browse only the news relevant to you. Advances news archive searches allow you to quickly find the news you are interested in, from over 200,000 archived articles.

This blog has teamed up with healthology to provide visitors with library of infomative videos on a variety of health subjects. New videos are added regularly.

Meanwhile, the forums allow the opportunity for visitors to commetn on health news articles published on medical news today.

Email subsrcibers are used here. Sign up to news alerts and receive an email when news is added to the categories chosen, weekly email newsletters or an RSS/XML newsfeed/Javascript newsfeed via reader for personal use or to display headlines on your website. 

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More than 2 million unique visitors come to this blog every month. Sister site include medilexicon.com the most popular medical abbreviation search facility on the internet and hospitalsworldwide.com a searchable database of hospitals throughout the world. The 3 website attract more than 3 million unique visitors every month.

On advertisement, this blog carries 3rd party advertising and licenses content for republishing.

There are two options offered for advertiser which are Direct Advertisement on the website (for larger campaign) and Advertising via Google Adwords. In direct ads it will use CPM based campaigns, 100% SOV guaranteed at fixed CPM rate, while via Google Adwords it will usePPC campaigns.  
Advertise on this blog could maximize campaign effectiveness (for related product). This blog is the  number one ranked health and medical news website on Google and Yahoo. Besides advertisement this blog also use Adchoice in ways to monetize.

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