How to Make Your Profitable Online Enterpreneurship : an Interview with Lola Lobato

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Online enterpreneurhips has given a wide opportunity to everyone who have interest starting their very first online business. But I believe many of you wondering how to make a profitable online business that you have started.

Many reference available out there that would give us guidance and practical tips, but what actually the most powerful things to provide you with better view on online entrepreneurship? My answer is the ‘other experiences’. One of the greatest mistakes if you are doing online enterpreneur is you don’t want to know on other experiences.

One Small Change That will make Your ‘Blogging for Money’ Better in 2012

I have seen alot of advertisements on how to make alot of money online with several simple steps that could make a lazy guy get rich in a matter of seconds. ‘Matter of seconds’ maybe too exaggerate let says ... in a matters of days. Who wouldn’t attract with such kind of offers? I was on the line of those who attracted too.

As mentioned in my ‘about’ parts of my blog that I have been blogging since 2009. Why did I do that? The first reason of course ... blogging for money. The ‘matter of second or days’ offer is absolutely unavoidable to grab especially for me at that moment. Who wouldn’t want to get rich in shortime without make alot of efforts?

Culinary Adventures with Tracey

A review of Tracey's Culinary Adventures

Food is a good topics to discuss, especially for blog posts. One of those great topics are these one, tracey culinary adventures that provided in blogspot platform. I have found many blogs about food that might inspire other bloggers who have the same niche. To engage further you can check her at

Practical Tips to Become A Better Person

A review of

Finally I have made this posts. I have found this blog at December 31, 2011. This is one of the great blogs that provide high value for audiences. The creator is Yee Shun-Jian, a guy believes adamantly  that there is but little correlation between academic achievements and persona/financial success. His completely thoughtfull insight deliver through his blogs at

How Emily Tells Everyone About Fashions

I ever mentioned before on my previous review about fashion blog, it related with expressing themselves and experimenting with moods. This time the blog I’am going to discuss is Its a nice blog indeed. The first impressions when I saw the blog was .. wonderfull, I like the color combinations, the design, and how she deliver the contents.

What Happen in Football,

Sports are interesting for many people. In fact it has become unseparated parts of a daily newspapers. There will always special sport reports on one of the pages. Sports will related with my posts today. This time the blog I’am going to discuss based it topics on football ( or in some countries it called soccer).

Football Media is a news website that delivers only the freshest news of today football, result, previews, transfer rumors, football player lifestyle even the supporters. The address of this blog is

Get Your Records Published

No Music No Life’ ... attractive doesn’t it? That is the tag carries by The blog eventually is a collection of indie musics that become the creators likes to hear and share. She was Rachel, the creator of The blog has become her place to share musics, words, films, arts, and all things that might tickle her fancy.

At the starting point the blogs has good ways in engaging with the audiences. It receive indie-folk, singer-songwriter, indie rock, soul, indie-pop, trip-hop, brit-pop as a features in the blog to share or to listen by the general audiences.

Do You See Something Wagging?

mainpage view
Animals are interesting creatures that could be a men best friends. Some of animals could be treat as a pet, for example : dogs. Do you have a dog? Love it so much? Spends so much time together? Well, if you notice and remember all you have been through with your dogs that could be an interesting topics to write-down on blog.

You can find one of the blogs on these topics at Carrying tag ‘an amateur’s musings on dogs and their people’ this blog has its eminence for the audience. The creator is Pamela Douglas Webster that describe her experience on raising and trainning dog into her blog.

Steve Pavlina Know How to Build You

One of the topics to write on blog is technique on self-development. has made it. Just like its name, a male named Steve Pavlina is the owner of the blog. He already famous for his specialty in self-development. Each month million of visitors had come to his blog.

He has wrote more than 1.000 articles, Pavlina also record a number of audio programs in self-development themes.

The Power of Grist

Do blogs because you want to provide value, then the money will come (it doesn’t always means for profits). This is what I strongly see from the blog that I have visited, the messages is ‘safe the earth’. This time I have found a blog that managed by non-profit organization which has noble purposes, creating green environment. This blog could be visited at Grist has been dishing out environmental news and commentary with a wry twist since 1999 which was way before most people cared about such things. Grist is the one site you can count on to help you make sense of it all.

Each day, they draw out the real meaning behind green stories, and connect big issues like climate change to daily life. They give users chance to deliver their stories to the site, through blogs, photos and whatever else they care to share.

Decide your movies in DVD Haven

Besides music, I think live would not complete without movies ... . Just realize I have never visit any movie blogs and take some reports on it. And I just find one, its about preview and discussion on the new dvd releases. The blog using Awesome Inc template powered by the Blogger.

The creator was Taylor 21, a movie likers that make watching movies and tells it as a hobbies. ‘What’s out this week on DVD? Major New DVD releases posted each week for discussion’ is the tag carries by the blog. Using simple display performance it use single sidebar and footer. The ‘black’ color background has been choosen for the pages and it has its own attractive ways to readers, its elegant.

Hard to Find Your Deal ? Try Transdeal

Any idea could be a good starting points to start a blogs. The most important is our ways to deliver the contents. This time I would like to make reports on my visits to If we talk about deals then it should be related with buy, sell, offers and prices matters. 

Transdeal is a free automotive pricing and locating service with member dealers in both Canada and the United States. Transdeal member dealer network is large enough to find almost any new or used vehicle at the best prices. The member dealers only offers clean accident free vehicles to the clients.

Helping You Love Nourishing Food

The blog was born to share the healthy recipes and sharing tips which includes nourishing and nutritious recipes, provide quality health, nutrition information. Furthermore this blog has included product reviews, and competitions + giveaways. Great starting points as a blog.

The charming girl, a Health Food Lover, is Michelle Robson-Garth, the creator of this blog. She has focussed her study in Nutrition in Melbourne, Australia, thus information here is absolutely important for healthy lifestyle seekers.

The Fashion Tag

If we talk about blogs so we talk about freedom of expressions. Thus many topics we could chose to posts on our blogs. For some people fashion could be a way of expressing themselves, of experimenting with moods. Fashion is about letting yourself inspired by everything and anything around you, lets say a favorite video, an artist, a painting, a certain food, a city, a person, a song, a movie ect. It is all about feeling free and unafraid. Ultimately fashion is art whether expressed in high couture on catwalks or in everyday life on the streets.

The ‘Wait-for-Trade’ Headquarters

Do you like comics? This time I have found a blog about comics. It reveals all about it. The address is

This blog began in 2005, back when a trade paperback collections of your favorite series or storyline wasn’t guaranteed, as a place for trade lovers to review books, speculate on upcoming titles, and geneally find others experimenting with the ‘wait for trade’ approach to comics collecting.

When Food Meet Imagination and Celebration

‘When Food Meet Imagination and Celebration’ is the tag carrying by this blog. The interesting parts is the blog has different views on how it deliver the contents topics. This blog contents is not merely about recipes but it also combine with story telling of the creator daily activities.

The charming women behind the blog is Lola Lobato, having born in Spain, raised in Venezuela, educated in England, and of American nationality. From enterpreneurial side, she has launched several new ventures. They include fashion boutique Lola Lobato, the pilot program “Turismo Culinario” and “Cocina Urbana” (developed in partnership with Venevision Continental), and the creation and management of the online magazine She is art director of TV commercials, book writter, and blogger.

Play it with Shacknews

As I mentioned before that ‘game does matters’, it is. Making a blog to discuss about game is great things to do. I have found this blog last year at December. You could find it in There are some stories on how it being known as shacknews.

Shacknews was founded as sCary’s Quakeholio in 1996 as a website dedicated to id Software’s then-upcoming Quake. Over the years, the website evolved and its coverage expanded. The site was later renamed Shugashack before eventually coming to be known as Shacknews.

Make Your 'Freshome'

Our skills in some particular things is an important basic to start a blog. Many people has proof this by manage a great blogs. One of the blogs is this one, the blog that concern on interior designs. The name is Freshome.

Freshome is a weblog devoted to uncovering and sharing the latest and greates products in Architecture and Design. The primary focus of this design publication is to give audiences inspiration to make yourown home more beautiful, organized and healthy. Freshome believes that a calm, healthy, beautiful home is necessary foundation for happiness and success in the world.

The 'Red State'

If we have alot of information source about particular things, then we have an important starting capital to start a great blog. As I ever mention before on, this time I have found another blog that focussed on politics. This blog would talk about specific political situation in U.S.

The 'FreelanceFolder'

Do you have skills in manage people to success, particulary through an informational articles? Well, this time the blog I have seen talk about this. The blog has manage the combination between contents and advertisment which is both informational to audiences particularly to enterpreneurs and freelancers.

You could find this blog at This blog is a multi-authored blog dedicated to helping enterprenerus and freelancers. Whether you’re a blogger, writer, publisher, designer, artist, smal business owner or enterpreneur, this blog would fits to you.

Bring the Papers to Paperkraft

I have invited to take a look on a blog about what people could do with his creativity. I visited it and get interested. Creativity is a good source to develop a blog and furthermore to get monetized. This blog shows you what you can do with papers. We could made something we never think about it before. Let say an anime characters. Yeah ... the blog creators shows the audiences on what he have done with those papers. 

You could find it at He is Ron Rementilla who runs the blog and intent to help people find the best free papercrafts on the web and promote the works of prominent and up-and-coming paper modelers, even the obscured ones.

Rap-Up Your Days

Life would not be completed without music. Thats right, just as you tought, this time I’am gonna talk about music blog. Have you visited rap-up? I have visited the blog on December last year, take a look for a while, and this is it, come up with the review.

The address is This blog focussed on discussing music with R&B and hip-hop. Not merely about the music itself but also the musician lifestyle. It is published that rap-up is the first nationwide hip-hop and R&B magazine for the young generation (Gen Y). Magazine is the concept on how it delivered musics to the audiences.