One Small Change That will make Your ‘Blogging for Money’ Better in 2012

I have seen alot of advertisements on how to make alot of money online with several simple steps that could make a lazy guy get rich in a matter of seconds. ‘Matter of seconds’ maybe too exaggerate let says ... in a matters of days. Who wouldn’t attract with such kind of offers? I was on the line of those who attracted too.

As mentioned in my ‘about’ parts of my blog that I have been blogging since 2009. Why did I do that? The first reason of course ... blogging for money. The ‘matter of second or days’ offer is absolutely unavoidable to grab especially for me at that moment. Who wouldn’t want to get rich in shortime without make alot of efforts?

Not even until 2011 and I am establish my born2sell on the blogspot platform did I realized that I miss something here. I just overlook the most important things in the blogging for money. But I am hardly to describe what is it? Until I come up with these expert posts. This is about what I have learned from those experts that become my ‘want to be’ figures in blogoshpere. 

How I can create this post? Thanks to Corbett Barr from thinktraffic that provide a guest post ‘3 Reasons Why You Should Hit Publish On Your Next Post (Even If It Sucks)’ from Joel Runyon. Furthermore Corbett lead me to ‘How Not to Suck at Blogging’, a great article from Adam Baker that inspired me alot, until I brave enough to enter publish for this post.

After I read ‘How Not to Suck at Blogging’ I have better understanding on blogging for money. Inside that articles I have found another precious link that lead me to free PDF ‘279 Days to Overnight Success’ from Chriss Guillebeau.

So what did I find ? ... does blogging for money a nonsense? ... No, it is completly true but you have to look it deeper. What have been happening are people have over-passionate on these field, they race to get rich from blogging, but only few people become the successfull one.

What did I overlook?

There is only one thing ... ‘The way I look blogging for money’. What do you think about successfull blogger? ... is it money? ... popularity? ... or maybe something else. Having a dream to become rich from blogging is legal and is good too. This kind of dream could give you ambition thus make you willing to take action to get it. But you have to understand that blogging is not different with the real life. What works in the real life works for blogging, and vice versa.

I remember Mike Butcher ever said that ‘blogging is a conversation, not a code’ – so .. what make a blog grows big is you, you are the king. You can do anything to your blog. Moreover I also remember Michael Dunlop ever said ‘Don’t blog for money, blog because you want to provide value’. At this ‘provide value part’ every prominent bloggers agree with it. Let say Corbett Barr, Heidi Cohen, Chris Guillebeau, Michael Dunlop, Steve Pavlina, Darren Rowse and more. I notice and follow what they had written about in their blogs, and find out that all of their suggestions are applicable in the real life. 

Now lets take a look at ‘21 Quick Actions You Can Do Today to Set Your Blog Up for Massive Success’ if you read this articles you’ll find a strong stressed words at the beggining which says ‘none of it matters unless you take action’. 

Your not making any change in your life unless you take actions to change it. Don’t wait and be more active. That simple rules is important in the real life. 

I have found another interesting thought from Chris Guillebeau that the small business characteristic is give a hard work for free (see his free PDF ‘279 days to Overnight Success’ page 66). And that would be the core for blog to grow bigger and faster. It is what happen to successfull marketer in the real life. 

I have a friend (let say his name is Mark) that always happy in helping my other friends to solve problems without ever hoping to get anything in returns. What happen to Mark? .... everyone likes him, even the stranger he just met. Almost all of Mark needs are full filled by everyone surround him. Thats one of valuable lessons from Chris Guillebeau (... its not only hard to spell the full name, its hard to type it too) :)

What is blogging for money all about?

Now lets take a look on how blogging for money is. There are several ways in make money online through blogs aren’t they, let say direct banner ads, third party ads, affiliates, direct sales, ect. What is incommon? Its all about selling goods or services which result in you get paid. But you know what ... one of the most avoidable jobs in the real world (all my friends desperate not to get it) is marketing jobs. But look what happen in the ‘Make Money Online’ systems, every people race to become a good money maker (online marketer). Is there something wrong with the real life? 

Furthermore I agree that traffics means money in blogoshpere, now lets take a look at what happen in the ways to get traffic nowadays. Two important ‘to doactions are Make an Interview Post and Social Media. Based on experts, Interview Post as blog contents would give million of traffics. And what happen? Many tries to do so. 

If I notice particularly from Corbett Barr video interview posts there is one important message. He is a good presenter, just like those presenters in the real life televisions. We would need great skills to speak in front of others nicely, politely, not nervous, and to deliver related questions. To become like that, you will need learn a lot. It doesn’t mean you can’t do it but its a matter of how serious you want to do it. If you are serious there is way, if you’re not ... just quit and leave it, end of story.

Other interesting fact is the Social Media engagement. Corbett Barr has a great article ‘Are You Making Connecting with People Online Harder Than it Should Be?’ I have found something from his article. Does the word ‘Online’ in that title mean anything to you? Making connecting with people is not only a problem in Online world, but also a problem in the real life. Particularly if you have experienced the marketing jobs, you'll find out how hard it is.

In the real life, I have experienced working as marketing freelance for few months with only one sales result and get fee for less than USD 5,-. Is that amount of money worth it? It depends on how we see it. I have got few cash but I learn alot from my costumers even for not buying my products. 

So what did I do? I just listen to what they story are. What I have got from build a relationship with my costumer is important. From that relations I could have a new job with better salary, just because I maintain relationships with my costumers that never bought any products from me.

Making a connections between you and me, or between you and other people is not an easy things to do not only in the real life but also in the online world. 

Everyone has the same opportunity

I am not saying making money online is nonsense, but I want to say there is nothing different between making money online and making money on the real life. Both needs plans, positive habits and hard works. If you’re still thinking that working online is a shortcut to get rich, think again 1000 times. Looks who is your ‘want to be’ figures? Learn how they made it? Look their experiences, educations, skills, and sacrifices to their ways of success.

To get rich through blogging is another form of work. It doesn’t make you any different with those office workers in the real life but it make more chances for everyone to have a better life through blogging. If getting rich from blogging is your path of life then you have to be ready to have deadlines, thinking hard to make a great blog contents, read and study a lot, improve social ability, and more.

Do you have other opinion toward this article? I would like to hear it and please share it with others in the comment box.

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