Hard to Find Your Deal ? Try Transdeal

Any idea could be a good starting points to start a blogs. The most important is our ways to deliver the contents. This time I would like to make reports on my visits to transdeal.blogspot.com. If we talk about deals then it should be related with buy, sell, offers and prices matters. 

Transdeal is a free automotive pricing and locating service with member dealers in both Canada and the United States. Transdeal member dealer network is large enough to find almost any new or used vehicle at the best prices. The member dealers only offers clean accident free vehicles to the clients.

This blog has a pratical information for cars seekers. Valuable informations are includes in the contents. For new cars they will include discount for thousand of dollars. Besides the discounts they provide important informantions such as insurance, the speedometers, paint conditions and other related information of the cars. This could be a leverage points for buyers to cancel the deals if the actual products doesn’t say so. Transdeal surely be an alternative comparison source on cars prices. 

The blog use blogspot platform, just like I did. Furthermore it has use three main colors on the blog which mean it fits the ‘Rule of Two’ from bigbrandsystem thus it would direct people’s eyes on what you want to deliver. Transdeal has one good point on the design effectiveness.

Transdeal template is simple with single footer and sidebar, this is compatible with the ‘practical and valuable information’ it provides.

But it has some issues in it performances. The blog has manage monetize matters through amazon associates. Using too many placement of amazon affiliates on blogspot could affect it speed performances. It tooks quite long time to display full page on transdeal, it do bothers for some people, but this is serious issues for us bloggers. Badnews is it totally not displayed when I’am browse through my Balckberry. Based on expert reports ... mobile internet users are grows bigger in 2012.

I can suggest you to make sure enable the ‘mobile devices for blogspot’ or in other way select just particular product that closely related with ‘what you deliver’. And for amazon, try it on button sizes, it would perform better than the bigger sizes. And put that ‘selected’ items in our blog. I have experiences on this too. I have use the same features too in the past until I decide to select only some of it, and my blogspot perform better and most important is ... it show neatly through mobile devices.

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