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Animals are interesting creatures that could be a men best friends. Some of animals could be treat as a pet, for example : dogs. Do you have a dog? Love it so much? Spends so much time together? Well, if you notice and remember all you have been through with your dogs that could be an interesting topics to write-down on blog.

You can find one of the blogs on these topics at Carrying tag ‘an amateur’s musings on dogs and their people’ this blog has its eminence for the audience. The creator is Pamela Douglas Webster that describe her experience on raising and trainning dog into her blog.

The blog has quite simple pageview and strong contents related to the ‘tag’. The colors used for background and mainpage are well-combined thus it would not make visitors eyes soured for spending more hours on

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The main substances of this blog divided into three categories namely ‘Contact Me’, ‘K9 Nose Work Introduction’ and ‘Pamela Favorite’s Dog Blogs’. 

Visitors could communicate with Pamela in two ways. First by making related comments on her articles, second by send her e-mail. Sending e-mail to her is easy. Visitors could find the detail on how to do that by clicking ‘Contact Me’ menu.

What about K9 Nose Work Introduction? Just like the title of this menu, Pamela would show visitors on how to train your K9 Nose Work based on her experiences. She post instructions to allow visitors to try it to their own dogs. The training stage describe comprising ‘objectives’, ‘supplies you’ll need’, ‘set-up’, ‘playing the game’, ‘practice’, and finally ‘things you may see from your dog this week’. Besides instructions there is also a joliprint symbol that could be used to create a printable PDF of the instructions. The progress of this sniffing train could be seen in weekly periods. After you manage on your first week, then step up to the next week training session until the last is the third weeks.

Furthermore I have seen a list of related blogs. She provide a lot of related blog links for visitors which could easily  be clicked to visit through that links.

The blog has great networks on online dogs world. The networks comes from the community it connect with. How about monetize matters? As far as I understand, this blog has all the potential to get monetized, topics and traffics. The blog has joined the ad network program that has focussed on the same topics. Joining in as a publisher made this blog gain more traffic, more visibility and more engagement with visitors interaction through innovative social media features displayed. Moreover, as publisher many benefits this blog could gain from the advertisement networks, namely get paid per impressions, revenue sharing, text link ads, product review, etc. All revenue that the publisher would get depends on each ad network programs.

If you have a blog about dogs or pets it just about the time to connect with Pamela blog’s and start to build more networks.


  1. Thanks for giving links Okto ... I like on nose work parts in this blog, keep your works.

  2. Your welcome Janet. good luck with your dog training :)