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Finally I have made this posts. I have found this blog at December 31, 2011. This is one of the great blogs that provide high value for audiences. The creator is Yee Shun-Jian, a guy believes adamantly  that there is but little correlation between academic achievements and persona/financial success. His completely thoughtfull insight deliver through his blogs at

The contents provided by this blog are valuable for everyone who seeks for personal development guidances and practical tips. This is ‘easy to follow’ guidances. There are many great contents divided into categories such as happines, health, law of attracttion, money, motivation, relationships, and success. These are a completely good options for readers. The useability and navigation are work properly.

As I ever mentioned in one of my post most influential colors that will bring traffic for blogs in 2012, this blog have it. It applied soft colors which eyes friendly, thus make me want to stay longer and read more contents. This is good point.

Yee is a smart persons. He have built a great community, offers great products and established wonderfull marketing strategy. This blog has it leverage on advertisement. It has surpassed 1 million pageviews, 25,000 email newsletter subscribers, over 12,000 facebook fans, and prominent alexa traffic rank. All of that is enough to grows an ordinary blog into a ‘super’one.

A lot of lessons we could get from how this blog has made through. Yee knows very well on what he done, he show ‘love’ on what he do, and the most important is he give value to audiences.

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