When Food Meet Imagination and Celebration

‘When Food Meet Imagination and Celebration’ is the tag carrying by this blog. The interesting parts is the blog has different views on how it deliver the contents topics. This blog contents is not merely about recipes but it also combine with story telling of the creator daily activities.

The charming women behind the blog is Lola Lobato, having born in Spain, raised in Venezuela, educated in England, and of American nationality. From enterpreneurial side, she has launched several new ventures. They include fashion boutique Lola Lobato, the pilot program “Turismo Culinario” and “Cocina Urbana” (developed in partnership with Venevision Continental), and the creation and management of the online magazine elmundodelola.com. She is art director of TV commercials, book writter, and blogger.

Using a blogspot platform she chose to use simple design with one column sidebars. The concept she uses for the blog is quiete neat. The design is great, color combination is clear, and the displays ... just fit as a personal blog.

The first impression is a big pictures of her bringing some bread in front of the door-walls covered by two colors plants. What a strong impressions, strong art impressions for the first sight. Its already communicate through the blog titles.

Furthermore she gives enlightment through her posts ... it is not just a recipes indeed, but includes table settings and other food relateds. Namely some posts title are Le Petit Jardin, Happy Halloween, Coconut and peanut butter sauce for the chicken satay, It’s not a Tiramisu, and more.

The blog has all the potentials to grows big. It has great creator, spesific topics, great contents, and moreover it engage better with the audiences through social media tools, email subscribers, and rss subscribers. Further engagement is through network buildings from blogger communities and photos sharing via flickr.

Is lolalobato do the monetize matters? .... yes in my view. As it mentioned above this blog is an axtension of her online shops. Thus I see the blog has become one of her display tables of her particular products. This is a smart way in optimizing the use of blogs. Besides for the product sales the blog also manage a ad network program from the third party. Through this ad network we would earn income through the programs that being offered.