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Do you have skills in manage people to success, particulary through an informational articles? Well, this time the blog I have seen talk about this. The blog has manage the combination between contents and advertisment which is both informational to audiences particularly to enterpreneurs and freelancers.

You could find this blog at This blog is a multi-authored blog dedicated to helping enterprenerus and freelancers. Whether you’re a blogger, writer, publisher, designer, artist, smal business owner or enterpreneur, this blog would fits to you.

It gives articles that provides you with the tools and information you need to succeed.
Freelancefolder owned by Mason Hipp. He is a marketer, designer, and enterpreneur who helps freelencers and small business of all types. And then Jon Philips, also the founder of freelancefolder. Jon is a full-time freelancer, blogger and designer. Besides the two guys there also a great writer who fills the contents of freelancefolder, they are Ritu B. Pant and Laura Spencer.

The main substances divided into some categories, namely ‘Blog’, ‘Forums’, ‘The Book’, ‘Job Board’, and ‘Getting Started’.

In ‘Blog’ basically consist of tips, news, and advice. Furthermore there are options available here such as productivity, Inspiration, how to, lifestyle, and marketing. Quality articles provide here, some titles namely ‘8 Metrics every Freelncer Should Measure at the end of the Year’, ‘What to Do About All that Stuff’, ‘35+ of Your Favorite Software Tools’, ‘Two Weeks to More Client Leads’, ‘5 Easy Tis to Increase Your Bottom Line’ and many more.

The next is ‘Forum’. In here you will have a time for a chat. There will be ‘General Forums’ that consist of General Freelancing, Tools of the Trade, Finance and Legal. And then ‘Marketplace’ that consist of Services Offered/Want to Sell and Looking to Hire/Want to Buy. And the last menu is ‘The Client Machine’ that consist of Pre-Sale Question, Installation Help, and Usage and Customization.

‘The Book’ will give audiences a product offering for a high quality book. There is a glance about the offered book. Furthermore there are testimonials about the product from prominent blogger such as Jacob Cass (, Mark McGuinnes (, Danny Outlaw (, Jade Craven (, Alexis Rodrigo ( and some more.

After ‘The Book’ there is ‘Job Board’. Here you can a chances to promote your skills or job offers. This is a marketplace for employer and employee.

And finally the ‘Getting Started’. In here just like ‘The Book’ you will provide with many options of high quality articles you can buy. The different is there are more articles here than in ‘The Book’, and there is no testimonial in ‘Getting Started’.

At freelancefolder, it cost money to run a website and to reward the writers. Thus, there will be advertisements on this blog in the term of banners pr product/services reviews. Audiences would be asked to take some tme to visit the promoted websites which in accordance with the quality of their offerings. Most of the services and products they promote on freelance folder they use themselves. If its work for them might work for audiences also.

The banners used here are different in sizes, there are buttons and leaderboard. The display design of the banners is very nice, I like how it looks. There also some ads from adsnetwork programs located in sidebar. Moreover accept advertiser to engage. In this engagement, they use the services from the third party to handle all the matters, so advertiser will be explained the details by the third party, freelancefolder only provide places for ads. This mechanism is quite simple and interesting. But to engage with the third party for this kind of advertisment cooperation our blog must have a very good performances.

The blog has good ways to engage with the audiences. They provide RSS Feed to simplify your reading of freelance folder that you can subscribe via RSS. Alternatively, there is updates via e-mail. To do this simply click on the ‘E-mail Updates button on the right, enter a valid e-mail address and the catchpa phrase, and then click ‘submit’. All future updates will be delivered to your inbox every time they update.

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