The ‘Wait-for-Trade’ Headquarters

Do you like comics? This time I have found a blog about comics. It reveals all about it. The address is

This blog began in 2005, back when a trade paperback collections of your favorite series or storyline wasn’t guaranteed, as a place for trade lovers to review books, speculate on upcoming titles, and geneally find others experimenting with the ‘wait for trade’ approach to comics collecting.

Now collections of almost every comics title on the market are a sure thing, and trade paperbacks and graphic novels have become an industry of their own, with wider recognition and even their own sections in bookstores. The blog remains the ‘wait-for-trade’ headquarters, featuring weekly trade paperback and graphic novel reviews, a healthy dose of comics discussion, and the latest news on upcoming collections.

The blog carriying tags ‘the wait-for-trade headquarters, featuring reviews, comic news, discount alerts, and the occasional scoop’. It divided into main categories namely ‘Store’, ‘DC Comics Trade Paperback Timeline’ , ‘Marvel TPB Reading Order’, and ‘Review Index’.
 ‘DC Comics Trade Paperback Timeline’ is a resource for graphic novel readers wanting to know what to read when. The timeline will be guidance  with the aim to place every relevant DC Comics trade paperback in context.

‘Marvel TPB Reading Order’ currently under progress by the editors but basicaly it is a directories of DC Comics based on volume orders. So it is just like read the comics orderly from volume 1 until the latest volumes.

‘Review Index’ consist of reviewed comics titled on this blog. It would ease the audiences who search to buy or read comics titles.

Collected Editions has managed the ‘build links for traffic matters’ through the ‘Feed RSS’ that provided. Besides the social media, this features is important for blogs especialy to engage with the readers.

I’am holding to tell about ‘Store’ because it related with ‘monetize matters’ which I want to discuss now. There are two ways this blog gets monetized. First through affiliate programs and second from third party advertisment networks.

The blog has perfectly managed the affiliate programs through it contents which designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to the sources sites. While the adnetworks resemble in the banner ads that contains in the blog pages.

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