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Do blogs because you want to provide value, then the money will come (it doesn’t always means for profits). This is what I strongly see from the blog that I have visited, the messages is ‘safe the earth’. This time I have found a blog that managed by non-profit organization which has noble purposes, creating green environment. This blog could be visited at Grist has been dishing out environmental news and commentary with a wry twist since 1999 which was way before most people cared about such things. Grist is the one site you can count on to help you make sense of it all.

Each day, they draw out the real meaning behind green stories, and connect big issues like climate change to daily life. They give users chance to deliver their stories to the site, through blogs, photos and whatever else they care to share.

Grist is based in the Emerald City of Seattle, in the Evergreen State of Washington, with contributors scattered the world’round. It is a non profit organization funded by foundation grants, user contributions, and advertising.

Basically Grist divided it’s contents into some categories, namely ‘Climate & Energy’, ‘Food’, ‘Cities’, ‘Living’, and ‘Biz & Technology’.

‘Climate & Energy’ consist of sharp view articles which provided by the contributors. Includes in these category are the development of solar power in particular country, political stance which hamper the energy issues, renewable energy, the behaviour of Oil Companies in explorations, and many more that would encourage your environment senses.

‘Food’ provides audiences with sensitive issues on food-chain, start from the farm/field into the factory industries. Evenmore, it also discuss on the ‘man made foods and drinks includes the foods news.

‘Cities’ gives you articles of cities behaviour toward its environment. It highlight the use of bicycle in some countries, the policy on transportations, ect. ‘Living’ consist of encouraging articles to make your live greener than before.

While ‘Biz & technology’ consists of articles on developments of business and technology that have significant effect toward environment. Besides all mentioned before, there are more features in grist, namely ‘from our friends’ and ‘special features’ which interesting to read on.

Grist has openly admit that one of its funding sources is advertising. In my view it has unique policy on ads. Grist politely decline any advertising that they believe is false, exploitative, or hateful, or that just doesn’t look as pretty as the rest of their site. And to keep it neutral, they don’t accept advertising from political candidates or parties.

On the other hand, grist maintain an open-door policy with advertisers. The ads they run represent the opinions of the advertisers, not necessarily the opinions of Grist or its staff. They believe the readers are discerning enough to evaluate the claims made by ads. They can ingonre ads they don’t like. Basically, grist appreciate diversity (biodiversity, ethnic, and opinions) and gender and their ad policy reflect that. As far as I see, grist manage ads in form of banner with medium rectangle and leaderboard sizes.

Furthermore there are also chances of employments in grist. It is displayed in ‘Jobs at Grist’. Some position offered are Web Developer, Technology Intern and Marketing Intern. If you are job seekers, why don’t you check this out ... . The jobs offers are completed with the job description and qualifications that would ease the jobsekeers to select what fits them.

If you have interest on environment matters engage with would be good choice to build your network and deliver your opinion.

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