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I have invited to take a look on a blog about what people could do with his creativity. I visited it and get interested. Creativity is a good source to develop a blog and furthermore to get monetized. This blog shows you what you can do with papers. We could made something we never think about it before. Let say an anime characters. Yeah ... the blog creators shows the audiences on what he have done with those papers. 

You could find it at He is Ron Rementilla who runs the blog and intent to help people find the best free papercrafts on the web and promote the works of prominent and up-and-coming paper modelers, even the obscured ones.

The blog idea started after a friend saw some of his papercraft collection at home which included books, kits, and printed patterns from the internet. That give him idea about sharing it through blogs. He have been collecting papercraft books and kits since he was a kid, most of the old ones that he have are the punch-out type and paper automatas. His collection of free downloadable papercraft patterns from the net only started in 1997. He based in the U.S and work in the technology field.

The categories available in some genres. ‘Christmas’, ‘Anime/Manga’, ‘Robots/Mecha’, ‘VideoGames’, and ‘Links’. In manage his blog Ron has successful in build a networks, it is shown from his many attractive blog contents that comes from other people.

On ‘Christmas’ he shows the audiences what he could do with papers to make something in related with christmas, namely ‘The night before christmas santa paper toy’ from dutch designer Sephen de Vos, ‘Santa Claus papercraft standee’ created by Rainey Doodles, ‘A very merry HP christmas papercraft set’ from the creative folks at HP Brazil, ‘Steampunk santa claus papercraf’ from Desktop Gremlins, ‘Simple christmas ornament papercraft’ from deviantARTist HeyroO and many more.

‘Anime/Manga’ maybe its just easy to guess ... yes its about manga, anime or manga characters precisely. You would get inspired from the well-made papercraft, namely ‘Pokemon Basculin’, which is a water-type and hostile Pokemon that doesn’t have evolutionary form and looks like regular fish. ‘Pokemon Manetric’ which is an electric type and discharge pokemon that is the evolved form of electrike. Not only Pokemon related but there also other characters such as Kyoko-Chan, Naruto-Rock Lee, Gundam, Sword Maiden and many more. While ‘Robots/Mecha’ shows what a papers could be transformed into a Robots character.

Now ‘Video Games’. Wait a second .... its not about video games literally, it is still a paper matters. It reveals the charatcter from video game such as Zelda, Final Fantasy, Mario Bross, Skyrim and many more. ‘Links’ provide you with all the sites which featured on

The blog has managed to monetize. I’am notice that there are some advertisement program used in this blog and placed in a very good location. The blog also managed the affiliate program thorugh high-quality selected books provided for audiences. If you interested just click on the title under ‘Book’ archive in the sidebar menu.

Are you getting inspired ?... so, what are you waiting for ... put on your creativity into your own blogs ...

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