How Emily Tells Everyone About Fashions

I ever mentioned before on my previous review about fashion blog, it related with expressing themselves and experimenting with moods. This time the blog I’am going to discuss is Its a nice blog indeed. The first impressions when I saw the blog was .. wonderfull, I like the color combinations, the design, and how she deliver the contents.

The Color
Mlovefashion has soft colors applied in the blogs. Soft pink in the outer background combine with white in the main background. This color combinations is ‘eyes friendly’. The title is simple and elegant, using strong branding ‘M Loves’ with the love symbol in dark grey color combine with black strip under it and pure white as title background. Furthermore the text links using blue color. All of these colors are include in the ‘most influential colors in 2012 that will bring traffic to your blog’.

The Design 

The designs are simple and nice to see, thus in the result I feel enjoy to read the written posts and watch the illustration images. The navigations is good and easy to follow, and more important is all the contents menu working properly. I have notice on the pictures. This is one of critical factors for this blogs, because the pictures tells alot, it quite interesting and attractive and the naration makes it more enjoyable to see.

The Contents 

The contents are updates constantly. This is an important points on blog survival. Mlovesfashion has good engagement with the readers through ‘reader request’ menu, this kind of engagement is a good example on how to build a better blog. Besides that, this blog has manage good connections with blogs in the same niche. Everything is seems to be well-planned here. She has her own ways to deliver the contents.

Monetize Matters
Do this blog do monetize matters?

I have seen that there is monetize activities in this blog. How it perform? The Affiliate sales. The blog has beautifully combined product visuals and practical information that consumer needs in fashion world. This is a smart ways to engage affiliates through blogs. She has shown us one of a great ways to use blogs.

Emily is the creator of this blog. She gives us a practical insight in fashion world that focus on particular brands. If you like fashion so much, then you have to check mlovefashion for your additional fashion sources.

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