How to Make Your Profitable Online Enterpreneurship : an Interview with Lola Lobato

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Online enterpreneurhips has given a wide opportunity to everyone who have interest starting their very first online business. But I believe many of you wondering how to make a profitable online business that you have started.

Many reference available out there that would give us guidance and practical tips, but what actually the most powerful things to provide you with better view on online entrepreneurship? My answer is the ‘other experiences’. One of the greatest mistakes if you are doing online enterpreneur is you don’t want to know on other experiences.

At this great opportunities, I have an interview with Lola Lobato, a highly passionate female entrepreneur that runs her online business in food niche through and . Understand more on her experiences in developing online enterpreneurship start from decide the name of the sites, promotions, making profits, having loyal visitors and many things that online enterpreneurs should know from the interview articles below :

1- What originally gave you the idea to create such a specific niche?

The idea came almost by itself, just one thing kept me leading to the next. I have gone through so many moments where I have left behind families, friendships, places and moments. So I made the best of the situation by carrying with me those images, flavors and sensations by creating a world of my own through food, celebrations, cooking and traditions. Like a sensory journey or a personal memory. The niche by itself is part of my life experience situations.

2- How did your finally decide the name “elmundodelola” and “lolalobato” for your blogs? 

Elmundodelola means lola’s world, a place where I share my thoughts, ideas, experience, talk about other people, places, organize recipes, review food eateries and entertain but all throughout a foodies point of view. It’s a lifestyle project hopefully integrating more people toward the idea. More like a magazine. Lolalobato my identity, is who I am I want people to know that I exist, I am a real person behind all this. My approach will be personal like my blog: a kind of diary to keep record of my own experiences.

3- How did having a blog in place help your accomplish business goals?

A blog is the easiest and fastest way to transmit your ideas, almost immediately, the best way to let yourself be known. This is where you have to be totally honest and real for it to work. You can take any direction and learn while you walk. You can erase, add, transform and continue learning along the way. Through the blog people get to know me the way I am, It’s the perfect place to share any thought and expand as much as you would like to. For me it is part of an integration to my store and all the social medias under my control.

4- You’ve been managed on three blogs and writing a book so far. How do you find your energy?

When your work is your passion everything flows smother and your creativity is constantly being fed through different ways. I could get energy by inspiration seeing what’s new and experimenting new techniques and ideas. But of course, there are days where I am over saturated with responsibilities, ideas and projects to do. 

What I do is step away from the online world to see everything from another point of view and be in contact with nature, finding a balance with myself. This way, I come back clearer and with more energy to archive my goals.

5- Who is your most influential figures to your online entrepreneurship?

There are many powerful women in the online world that I admire. I also love to see the enthusiasm and perseverance of my food blogger friends everyday. I get very happy when they share their achievements, because it’s a real world where I can see every step as a participant in their whole growing process.

6- How do you promote your online business?

My best and fastest way to promote my business is through my own social networks. Web pages and blog directories are a must. Don’t forget the food community blogs like foodbuzz, where the bloggers are very supportive of each other. But also by sharing my own experience of the product I am selling, talking to you in the same way I would with a close friend, in the equal tone and description next to a vibrant picture. My main tools are my blogs, facebook, twitter and pinterest. If they like what they see it will multiply by itself through the likes and sharing. I am still amazed by the efficiency and quickness of the online world. You can rate your result almost immediately, just like a thermometer measuring highs and lows. Time frame online is much faster than real time, you have to be running one step ahead.

7-How do you keep your business focus – Do you have any suggestion for online entrepreneurs who are experiencing challenging times?

It’s very important to keep focus, in my case my focus is very wide. Lifestyle, food, tabletop that is my every day routine and rituals. To me everything around the table, what we are cooking, what we are eating, who we are sharing with, where we are serving, food market visits more or less like that. Especially if there is any excuse to celebrate the arrival of any love ones coming home. Like anything in real life I have to be prepared to take advantage of any situation to come so that I am able to share. If I travel of course my main concern and interest will be my relationship with food, eating, trying new things, looking for new products, learning about their traditions, culture and always looking for authenticity. Of course to keep the focus of your proposal you must maintain strictly in your line of interest, if I am a foodie I can not sell cars unless its a food truck, every thing has to be in the same area of products. If not people with get distracted and confused.

Challenging times are great moments for creativity, to reinvent yourself, to create constant strategies, to be flexible and be able to change any time you need to re vamp and please DO NOT GIVE UP, there is always a way. It’s a matter of moving. If you love it you’ll be concerned and involved even without you knowing it.

8- Do you have any recommended strategies for getting a loyal visitor?
I believe in communication, being able to respond immediately, so they can feel like there is some one real behind the machine. To establish a real relationship and let them know that I stand behind what I offer and what I say and sell. It is like a personalized experience something you don’t get with at a big store.

9- What is the main source of income for Lola Lobato? Do you have any ‘secret tips’ for creating profitable opportunities from blogs?

The online store is the commercial part of my project, the blog is like a bridge that could take you to the store and it’s connected through a combination of networking. I do not like to use my blog to push people to go to the store I rather use it to share. If I am cooking and there is a product in the picture that I sell in the store, I will place a link to the product so you know where to find it. Confidence and trust is very important for me.

10- What is your predictions on online entrepreneurship in 2012?

It is a fast growing community with amazing creativity and technology. I can see how people feel more confident with the terms of buying online, and if their experience was good its a welcome back customer for sure. Social medias have helped a lot making everything easier in terms of sharing when there is a product you like or consider to get. Gadgets and tools are easier to manage even for people who aren’t that tech savvy. So facility is everywhere for the buyer and the seller.

11- Based on your experiences, what advice would you give to your best friend’s starting their first business today?

Do what you love, think big, have a plan, have good knowledge of your products, do daily networking, keep your vision and dream, determination, but the most important: PASSION

12- Do you have any latest information about your book writing?

I have been writing and taking pictures of reference and ideas, they have been moving and changing throughout the time incorporating new trends. But now I feel like I am in the process where I just want to put all the information into a more real and spontaneous way, where everything mixes and matches with no rules, just the right sensation of balance. Real life.

The internet surely has given  more chances to everyone to do business. But in practice many people just quit because the good result not coming quickly. Having known about other experiences is a good ways to motivate your spirits in developing your online enterpreneurship.

Do you have other interesting experiences to share? Please share with us by leaving comments.

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