Decide your movies in DVD Haven

Besides music, I think live would not complete without movies ... . Just realize I have never visit any movie blogs and take some reports on it. And I just find one, its about preview and discussion on the new dvd releases. The blog using Awesome Inc template powered by the Blogger.

The creator was Taylor 21, a movie likers that make watching movies and tells it as a hobbies. ‘What’s out this week on DVD? Major New DVD releases posted each week for discussion’ is the tag carries by the blog. Using simple display performance it use single sidebar and footer. The ‘black’ color background has been choosen for the pages and it has its own attractive ways to readers, its elegant.

The ways it deliver the dicussions is through image and visuals displays. Each posts has its characteristics, using the front cover of the dvd’s and video clip to give better imagination for audiences. The video clip has made through You Tube ... this is some creative ways to made interesting features in blogspot.

I have notice that this blog is somehow the new one. I have seen all the posts within a few minutes. At some point that is great I don’t need a long time to spent but for some reasons it is issue particularly for bloggers. What are the other issues .... ?

At my point of view the posts not resemble the opinion of its maker. Yes ... I don’t see why I have to see that movies by taking the post of This is one important factors for blogger that I have learned. According to ... ‘be personal’ to your post, it is not a CNN or People read your blog to get your opinion and your point of view. Give it to them.

Even  though this is new blog on the run, but it has great concept and topics. DVD new releases is available even more in the future ... this why this blog would always has something to talk about. And talking about dvd movies as part of entertainment is a great niche in the world wide web thus it automatically has strong commercial keywords.

And the 'black' color too .... . Why because it so dominant in the blog while people have tendencious to pay heed on something bright (or different). When I saw newdvdhaven, I am focussed more on 'you tube' parts rather than the articles. The movie clips tells alot. Thus, making a color combination for blog pages is usefull to made our messages delivered.

What the callenge is .... keep on making post and avoid being a copycat. Somebody sets up a new blog and is all excited about it. There will be a furry of posts for the first few days, maybe even a few weeks, and then the number of posts starts to go down until the blog is hardly updated at all. Nothing kills a blog faster than lack of updates. If you are going to blog, then pick a posting frequency and try hard to stick to it. I have done this part to with at least one-three posts a day with off-posts on weekend, the result is better traffics to my blog.

Avoid to be a copycat. This is why I mentioned about lessons from John on ‘being personal’. If we try to implement it thus automatically our post would be unique and different from others, why ... because we deliver our own views.

And finally, don’t forget to monetize after you have alot of contents. Well, monetize is not the main purposes but it is too bad to miss for bloggers. Some adnetwork will not accept a blog to become ads publisher unless it has a minimum standard that meets their requirements. Some of the standards are the strong correlations between blog topics and the contents, its focusness and scheduled updates.


  1. Hey this is taylor21. Thanks for reviewing my blog. Lots of great suggestions. I'm just getting started. This blog is less than 6 days old. I intend to have more personal reviews in the coming weeks. Hopefully other's will join as well. Just another place to discuss movies. Ads will come in time. - I will have to take a look at some of your post.

  2. Your welcome taylor. I'am happy can stop by at your blog. I really want to know the progress on your blog, I'll come back to see it, I surely do :)

  3. Nice reports, you have some points on 'color'. I'am wondering why you don't put adsense here Okto?

  4. @New Bloggers : Adsense don't accept. I have twice registered after several weeks and the result is still the same I'm suspended. I'am little bit dissapointed at first, but there is lot others adnetwork out there we can try. You can see some here at 'sponsors' and banners if you want, just feel free :)