The 'Red State'

If we have alot of information source about particular things, then we have an important starting capital to start a great blog. As I ever mention before on, this time I have found another blog that focussed on politics. This blog would talk about specific political situation in U.S.

You could find it at a blog that would enrich your understanding on U.S politics. This blog has started on July 2004 by three people, Josh Trevino, Ben Domenech, and Mike Krempasky. Shortly thereafter, erick Erickson and Clayton Wagar signed on to help out and the site look off as the singular hub of conservative grassroots collaboration on the right.

Redstate claimed as the most widely read right of center blog on Capitol Hill, is the most often cited right of center blog in the media, and is widely considered one of the most influential voices of the grassroots on the right.

It was also the first national political site to tout and endorse Marco Rubio for his Senate bid in Florida. It put Doug Hoffman on the national conservative radar in New York. Across the country it find grassroots candidates and work hard to get them elected. At redstate, they are conservatives in primaries and Republican in general elections and they aim to win.

The blog display is somehow interesting to me. Its good, simple and elegant. It provide ‘Hot topics’ which could be easily seen because its located in upper mainpage. My first impression on this blog was, it teach a lot about politics, why that? Because it provide three books related categories. Namely ‘Conservative News, Books, & News’, ‘Conservatives Book Club’ and ‘Regnery Books’.

Conservative news, books, and news will connect us to Humanevent itself is the news source President Reagan called his ‘favorite newspaper’ and they still hold the Reaganeque principles of free enterprise, limited governement and, above all, a staunch, unwavering defense of American freedom. Humanevent gives voice to the gerat conservative thinkers including Michelle Malkin, Thomas Sowell, Newt Gingrich, Pat Buchanan, L. Brent Bozzell, and some more.

It is the home of Jihad watch, the fearless watchdog column that alerts readers to the true intentions and deadly plots of the greatest threat to the world peace since the fall of the Soviet Union. For more than 65 years, humanevent has reported the ‘inconvenient’ facts that mainstream reporters go to extraordinary lenghts to keep hidden.

Conservative book club, just like the title its a book club in nature but has value added in the practices. It has been run for more than 40 years, by conservatives for conservatives. It has large selection of titles include all the latest blockbuster from authors like Sean Hannity, Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, David Limbaugh, and more. It designed to bring audiences the best books available, at the best prices. Editor reviews are provided for many choosen books.

Well, the third option I have mentioned is ‘Regnery Books’. It is very experienced book publisher. It is part of Eagle Publishing with a hugely disproportionate number of national bestsellers, including the sensational number one New York Times Bestsellers ‘Unlimited Access by former FBI agent Gary Aldrich, Murder in Brentwood’ by Mark Fuhrman, Bias by Bernard Goldberg, and Unfit for Command by John O’neil and Jerome Corsi.

Redstate’s day to day efforts are led by its Editor, Erick Erickson, and a talented and largely volunteer team of front page contributors. Anyone, however, can write at That makes this blog unique among right of center sites. Sign up for an account and you too can engage in the comments and post your own user diaries. The best stuff gets voted on by the community and the best of the best gets put on the front page for the world to see.

How it get monetized?
The blog has an offer to advertiser to engage and moreover it monetize through the books its offers ... yeah, this blog has a good book stores that completed with high quality reviews, thus it would ease readers who willing to buy those books.

Well, overall .. I like this blog performances, the designs, the color combinations, the speeds, and the informative contents.

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