Culinary Adventures with Tracey

A review of Tracey's Culinary Adventures

Food is a good topics to discuss, especially for blog posts. One of those great topics are these one, tracey culinary adventures that provided in blogspot platform. I have found many blogs about food that might inspire other bloggers who have the same niche. To engage further you can check her at

From first impressions ... Traceys is a smart girl, she knows more about web design and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Look what she has done with the title of her template, that is not easy things to do, but she done it well, its like a trademark of her blogs. Just check it yourself to find out.

Many expert says that content is king, keep your content updates constantly than you’ll survive your own blogs. I strongly agree in this part. What about Tracey’s ? She start her blog in 2007 until now. Since 2008 until 2011 she has made at least 220 posts each year, that is strongly shown that she is a commitment bloggers, a productive one.

How she manage the blog? She highlight the importance of audiences. She organize the social media engagement in a good ways, empashize the blog leverage through the Newsletter and RSS subscribers, this is important things to build for a blogger, and she knows it so well. 

She is not forgetting the most important things in food blogs ... pictures. Pictures means alot when we runs a food blogs, as you can she the pictures in her blog tells alot, it attract audiences since the beggining. This make me remember the browneyedbaker ‘food photography’. Selecting the right pictures will be an advantages for the blog. Besides pictures she has pick the good color combinations.

So far I don’t see any monetize acivities, the blog has all the potentials to it. Tracey seems to be more focus on build communities through RSS and Newsletters. Its a valuable action to choose, especially before doing monetizing things. She has done good SEO. How I can say these. Just type 'Culinary Adventures' in Google search, and you'll see that her blogs is number 3 in the mainpage out of 9,830,000 results.

The blog is a great creation from Tracey. If you look various of recipes to tease your apetites, this could be one of your references.

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