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No Music No Life’ ... attractive doesn’t it? That is the tag carries by The blog eventually is a collection of indie musics that become the creators likes to hear and share. She was Rachel, the creator of The blog has become her place to share musics, words, films, arts, and all things that might tickle her fancy.

At the starting point the blogs has good ways in engaging with the audiences. It receive indie-folk, singer-songwriter, indie rock, soul, indie-pop, trip-hop, brit-pop as a features in the blog to share or to listen by the general audiences.

I like the title pictures ... It completely steal my attentions at the first sight and has the strong messages toward the blog topics. The design page is nice, the use of two sidebars on the right and the left has made it available to display lots of contents for audiences at the premium part of the pages. Contents in this sections are mostly like to read by the audiences.

Overall it is good, but I have seen something is missing. The title pictures is outstanding but went it goes down until the end I feels like empty, its too long. In my view it would be better if the posts using 'jump break', then audiences could ‘click’ it if they want to do so. If using jump break the post will be lifted into rich content part's (page that have sidebar contents).

Jump break would make our page more live and more colorful, because readers have alot of choice on the side bars. The result will be ... more pageviews for the blog. Just like the tag ... ‘No music no life’ ... so make the blog life through colors and I believe the blog will live to influence more people.

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