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Entertainment would be a good keyword for search engine optimizer but when we talk about blogs that depends on the package. One of the best celebrity blogs is Just Jared. You can find this blog at JustJared.com.

Just jared is a multimedia entertainment group that includes JustJared.com and teen spin-off JustJaredJr.com, providing pop culture trends, extensive celebrity photo galleries and breaking entertainment news. An established internet presence since 2005, Just Jared Inc. Has grown rapidly due to the fresh perspective it brings to the often harsh world of celebrity news.

Over the years it has built a team of smart, savvy contributors dedicated to delivering the latest pop culture 24/7. Today, JustJared.com and JustJaredJr.com recieve over 14 million unique visitors a month from a dedicated core of loyal readers.

Furthermore, Just Jared was recently named to Yahoo’s prestigious Top 10 Bloggers Roll (alongside the Huffington Post and TMZ) and was previously highlighted by Vanity Fair & InSttyle as one of the world’s leading Entertainment Sites.
As entertainment blog, Just Jared has it unique ways to engage with visitors. 
photo view

One of ways that I’am noticed is the photo matters. Just Jared love to share photos with everyone, but they have wise policy that not allow others to take it and put on their sites. This blog has worked with a lot of top photo agencies and they have been kind enough to license the photo to Just Jared. Those photos are protected, if any of the visitors interested in purchasing the photos, they should contact the photo agencies that attribute in the post.

Besides policy toward ‘take pictures from’, they have policy on ‘bring picture in’. Anyone could submit a related photos for particular purpose from Just Jared with some requirements. It is a stateent that you are the copyright owner of the photo, the link on Just Jared to the post that shows your photo, and someone will take care of your request as soon as possible. That is a great ways to engage with the readers especialy for blogs on entertainment niche.

With 80 million visitors per month? That is absolutely ... (speechless). 

There are some ads type being used in Just Jared. Ads placement provided in right sidebar through an automated system powered by BlogAds which you can create ads by your own. Still have to pay the prices ... (don’t forget that). 

The other types are Standard type 160x200, Hi-Rise 160x600, Mini 160x100 and Classie with duration range from 1 week until 3 months. There are also premium type of ads which prices starting at $825.

Just Jared is one examples of a successful blogs. This blog has great vision on its business and smart ways to engage with visitors. From all the hard work Just Jared has turned into the trend-spotting, hot online source for pop culture gossip, fabulous celeb photo galleries and breaking entertainment news.

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