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Kotaku is another blog about game. This blog was made as a guidance for gamers. Kotaku is a part of Gawker Media, that also manage some reputale blogs such as Gizmodo, Deadspin, io9, Jezebel and Lifehacker. Blog with its tagline ‘the Gamers Guide’ has noted as one of best one hundreds nlog on CNET News version.

Kotaku origanted from Japanese language ‘otaku’ which means ‘obsessed’. The add of letter ‘K’ meant to give new meanings ‘rather obsessed’.

This blog lead by Brian Crecente as editorin-chief, helped by Stephen Totilo as vice editor in chief, Michael McWhertor as reviews editor and some other names.

As a guidance for gamer, of course the main information in this blog is review of the newest games. Reviews being made from many aspects, start from the type of games until the ‘plus’ and ‘minus’.

Kotaku has its own policy in making a reviews, ‘No score’, because it could (menyesatkan) readers. The editors emphasize on critical insight but delivered simple and easy to understand.

Kotaku usually review a game at least a week after it release to public. Review being published after gone through serial test which done precisely. Besides that Kotaku also reviewing upcoming games. This form of review include in ‘preview’ category.

Kotaku also gives an objective reviews. By this mean, the editors disclose the weakness of the game that being reviewed. Usually Kotaku editor’s gives input to the developers on what they can do to overcome that weakness. This blog also give gamers a clip of new game on video basis.

Kotaku headquarter located in Denver, United States. However, as the time goes by, Kotaku start famous globaly. In 2007, Allure Media release Kotaku Australia, that most of the content using the real Kotaku mix with a local content. Mediagene Inc also release Kotaku Japan. The content taken from the real Kotaku, translated into Japanese language and combine with reviews on local games.

With 2,9 million people has visited Kotaku each month thus Kotaku turn into a great field of promotion. The ads displayed here in form of banner in many sizes.

Kotaku same as Lifehacker were groups in Gawker Media. Kotaku often provide sponsorship activities with particular theme. For example, ‘Summer of Gaming’ which give an opportunity to gamer to enjoys the sensations of gaming outdoor. Having a clear market targets and readers, Kotaku has become one of the most profitable gaming blogs.

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