When Gossip Earns

In the beginning this blog was adressed at pagesixsix.com which then switch to perezhilton.com. Perez Hilton is a blog that specialy discuss about musician, moviestars and celebrities, particularly Hollywood. The substances are not only the latest news but also gossip. 

Even though named Perez Hilton but that wasn’t the name of its founder. The real name of its founder is Mario Armando Lavandeira, Jr and make Perez Hilton as a pen name. Born in Miami from a Cuban parents, Lavandeira wasn’t understand English. His English knowledge was learned from school.

In 2002 he was moved to Los Angeles California, which became his place to live until now. When he interviewed by Cliché Magazine’s edition June/July 2010 Lavandeira said he start his blogging activities from hobbies.

perezhilton mainpage
Why he choose celebrity as a topic because he thought it was interesting. He intent to make perezhilton.com became different, not as similar as other blogs which he deemed only become an online diary. 

As a blog with gossip basis, his reviews related on celebrity activities has managed to attract many readers. The impact is many Hollywood celebrity hate him, even though some of them became a good partner. Some celebrities even called as news source to get an exclusive gossip info.

The power of perezhilton is on his video post in form of clip and complete it with a sharp and atrractive reviews.

Only two years after operated, perez hilton grows into a blog with many readers. On April 2007 his blog placed in number 491 as most visited website, and ranked 143 in United States based on Alexa report.

Include in a most visited blog lists, it is not surprising if perezhilton.com become a media for advertiser to promote their product. There were queue of advertisers.

For advertisement, there are some options. It could be in form of special reviews, special categories, or special displays. Perezhilton also offers ads spot through video and cell phone. Lavandeira as the owner also provide ads space on the right side bar, which divided in the upper right sidebar, middle right, or lower right. Each position have its own prices.

The cheapest price for sidebar ads is the lower right sidebar, the middle right has more exepensive price and the upper right side bar has the most expensive one.

advertise in perezhilton.com
The price for display periode are vary start from $ 4,000 until $48,000 depends on how long it going to be displayed.
There is cheaper price to place an ads, in the left sidebar, which only displayed if reader click on a particular post. The price for left sidebar spot start from $2,000 until $2,400 depends on display periods.

With all of that tariffs, it is not surprising perezhilton.com ranked 4 as the largest blog income maker in the world. Estimated per month this blog earn $140,000.00 . What a number isn’t it.

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