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Organizing stuffs could be a hard-time, hobbies, ways to spend time, or for some it could be addictive. And this is all about, I have found someone who used to call the organizing freak.

Her name is Laura, Christian work at home wife, a mom and live in Canada. She created a blog with organizer topics. She start this from her daily activities with her children which give her plenty of organizing material to work with each and everyday. You could find her blog at was started in May of 2006 and blog all things related to organizing and simplicity in addition to running a popular weekly feature called ‘Menu Plan Monday’.

She is an energetic, charm, and optimist so that could give a positive spirits to anyone, this is awesome. She dedicate her blog to her love of all things with organizing particularly containers. 

She provide an inviting and peaceful household environment, for family and all that enter, that is conducive to living simply, loving deeply and laughing abundantly. She would make strides everyday to achieve that by practicing and teaching good daily habits and routines along with effective organizational skills.

She would graciously and cheerfully serve her family and genuinely enjoy her commitment to creating a home sanctuary that is above all else pleasing to God.

Laura's book
Look at her achievement in many field of daily living. In 2008, she was a speaker at the Professional Organizers of Canada Conference. In December 2010, She had released her first organizing book called ‘Clutter Rehab. 101 Tips and Tricks to Become an Organization Junkie and Love It!. 

Besides writting a book she has also been featured in publications such as Woman’s World in October 2010, Better Homes and Gardens, January 2011, Consumer Reports Shop Smart in March 2011, Home Decor and Renovations in April 2011.

Well, I can see that she enjoys writting so much (besides organizing). There are quite alot contents in her mainpage blog. I have notice there are about eight main categories in her blog. Namely ‘The Life of an OrgJunkie with 5 subcategories’, ‘Menu Planning with 9 subcategories’, ‘Time tactics with 7 subcategories’, ‘Storage with 21 subcategories’, and ‘Learn to Organize with 13 subcategories’. But all of that contents are very useful and inspiring to the readers. She is surely a book writter.

She know how to interact with visitors. This interaction are well performed through guest bloggers that could submit related articles or comments and free downloadble printables.
Furthermores he is not forgetting the monetizing things.

free printables to download
I have seen featured sponsors in her blog, the book that she released (offered through her blog), and advertising. With all of her achievement, quality writting contents, useful tips and trciks, inspirations and good networks offcourse alot off visitors would like to come. This would tease advertiser to get engage.

This blog has perform a good statistic. With an average of 410,000 pageviews per month, 140,000 unique visitors per month, estimated 6000 email subscribers, Google Page Rank 4 and Alexa Rank 46,141 this blog would be great media for promotions.

As a work at home wife, she is surely a great person, a success women enterpreneur that could inspire another women to do great things. She has proved that to do a great things you can start from the simple things.

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