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There is another blog that has a same theme with Problogger but with different approach. It is johnchow.com. John Chow is the name of the founder of johnchow.com.

He start his ways in blog world by making a blog with technology theme. John Chow become a famous person after his fight against google. 

That fight result in the dismissal of johnchow.com from any Google search result. After the problems get clear, blog johnchow.com finally comes on top search every time his name typed on google search. That fight has given John Chow a bless. In 2007 he accept an award as most controvercial blog in Performancing Blog Award.

This blog carrying a tagline ‘ I make money online by telling people how I make money online’. The blog owner get his money from online world by telling how he get money from online world.

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Johnchow.com contains many tips and ways on how John maximize his blog to earn money. There is one special category that told you how the mechanism to get money from johnchow.com, it is ‘make money’. John Chow also also write on how he gets $40,000 per month from ebook that he gave for free to the reader subscribed to the lattest news from email.

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The excellence of johnchow.com is his ability on writting a post which actualy a product review. He write it smartly thus it looks great as a post rather than a commercial ads. 

He also receive ads services in form of banner with different prices.

He has released a book too. Book titled ‘Make Money Online: Roadmap of a dot com mogul’ that he wrote along with Michael Kwan. John Chow has noted himself as one of the bloggers that actualy capable of making money from blog.

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