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Internet world has created more opportunities for many people. A lot of people have proved that using their technical skills combine with the use of internet, to earn significant cash from online world. On the other side, many people still need someone help to get what they want, earn cash from their own technical skills.

Due to some conditions, sometimes there is a gaps between the success person and person who need assistance. Thus the role of third person to bridge this gaps is somehow become important.

This blog, is that third person as ilustrated above. It takes role to connect those who need others technical skills to them who already have it and tend to make profit from their own skills. This is a great place for job seekers to find jobs.

Visitors in this blog can see any jobs available in accordance to their own skills. They can see freelance jobs and pick job offers as fit as their desire. And for employers who want to hire someone they just need to see ‘freelancer’ category and type what kind of skills are they need to find.

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You can joinning in as a member for free. But members account should be upgraded  if they intent to take job offers provided in this blog. To upgrade your account you need to pay only $7 per month. If you get your jobs it is your freedom to negotiate further directly with the employer.

Besides acting as bridge builder, also provide you with many articles related to freelanceworld. This could be useful to upgrade our skills and refresh our spirits. is a part of envato networks. Envato also manage

Besides accept fee from clients and job seekers, this blog also getting revenue from banner ads from the third parties. The ads using CPM system and the prices are vary.

example of ads price offers
Top right sidebar 125x125 located at the top right cost for $990 per 30 days while resource directory 468x60 located at the top center cost for $ 80 per 30 days. There are also premium leaderboard 620x90 located at top center cost for $3.50 per 1k impressions and lower sidebar large ads 300x250 located at the bottom right cost for $2.50 per 1k impressions.

It also provide ads through twitter and rss feed. For twitter the cost will be $199 per tweet while rss feed $2.00 per 1k impressions. If you see ‘advertise in freelanecswitch’ above there is sold out status on lower sidebar large ad. That mean advertiser have to register in waiting list to use that ads spot.

This blog could be an alternative for job seekers to find what they want.

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