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Do you ever imagine that you could choose a topic on what people think about something and describe it on your blog? Thats what I have found on this blog review.

It is Think progress is a project of a non partisan organization named the Center for American Progress Action Fund (CAPAF). 

With this blog CAPAF want to provide a forum that advances progressive ideas and policies. Act as editor-in-chief is Faiz Shakir. He also act as a Vice President a CAPAF. He is a prominent figures in Senat Committee and White House. Faiz has appeared on MSNBC, CNN, C-SPAN, among other networks, and is a frequent guest on various radio shows.

editor in chief of
Bisides Faiz Shakir there are many more professionals involve in the management of There are about twenty three more professionals. Each of them has particular skills in their responsibilities in the runs of

This blog divided into some categories, namely Economy, Green, Health, Justice, LGBT, Security, Alyssa and Joe Room. Above the mainpage there is trending with some menu option. Each category streessing on the progressive ideas and policies that grows in that fields. Alyssa and Joe Room are additional pages that describe specific articles that had been made by the two people.

Interesting parts in my view are the bloggers. There are eight bloggers take parts in editorial of They are Marie Diamond, Zacok Ford, Zaid Jilani, Stephen Lacey, Alex Seitz-Wald, Tanya Somanader, Jeff Spross, Travis Waldron and Karl Singer (he is the only intern at Support by many professionals and many bloggers, is a blog with a quality contents guarantee. 

To connect with social media community, it has created link of popular post into facebook and twitter. It also provide email subsribers for readers who want to aware on the latest news of this blog. 
Besides accept donation from the readers it also provide advertisement oppoutunity in the blog pages.
Why advertiser want to advertise here? There are facts about this blog that made it profitable to put some ads here. is one of the leadings policy blogs in DC, gets 6 million pagewievs a month, consistently ranked in the top 10 blogs in the world by technorati, choosen as an official honoree in 2009 Weebie Awards, named best blog 2008 by Sydney Hillman Foundation, recieving an award for journalism excellence, and voted “Best Liberal Blog” in 2006 Weblog Awards. Well, all that potential is more than enough to ensure advertiser.

advertise in
For advertisement Thinkprogress offers a CPM base and SOV. I have know about CPM bu SOV is a new thing for me. Thinkrogress team gives an explanation to this. SOV stands for “share of voice”. This is the percentage of time your ads will load on the page, reative to how many times the page loads. 

For illustration, if you have choosen a 10% share of voice for your ad and the blog is viewed 100,000 times during the campaign, your ad will load 10,000 times out of 100,000. SOV can be choosen in 10% increments for banner ads units (Leaderboard 728x90, Marquee 728x270, Half Page Ad 300x600 and Rectangle 300x250) and adverpost units (Large Adverpost 400x400, Classic Adverpost 200x400). All blogad units (Hi-Rise 150x600, Standard 150x200, and Mini 150x100) run at 100% SOV for the full duration of the campaign.

Well, interesting to ad your product in Just came to their site to get further information.

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