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I have met some bloggers as new friend recently, one of them is this person who have particular blog that trigger my interest to make some view for hours. This is a proof that you can use your particular skill to communicate in the online world moreover if your skills in the field of graphic design.

You can find this blog at It is the name of the founder and the skill he has. Mariano Sabas is both designer and photographer that use the blog as his portfolio. He lives in Forth Worth, Texas. The blog meant for artist, designers and photographers with great resources. 

As a blog it has strong eminence, distinctive from the beggining until the end. It divided into four categories, namely Inspiration, Workshop, Tutorials, and Freebies. Each of categories has its own appeal to readers.

sabasdesign mainpage
To ease the readers in catching the latest posts Sabas has added the recent post menu so that readers could easily notice on latest info from this blog.

Look further to the categories. If you look something to turn your mood on, you could see “Inspiration”. There are some great images that would inspire you on your design project. He is openly describe to visitors if they want to use the image available for educational use only unless otherwise stated. Asking permission would be a wise decision for readers if they want to take it for commercial uses.

Another attractive part are “Workshop” and “Tutorials” categories. At Workshop he shows his ability on graphic design, start from original pictures and turn into a final awesome pictures. In “Tutorials” he surely not stingy by describe his own creation into a weekly blog post. In this post you could find his “how to make” creation in a variety  of Graphic Design, Illustrations, Photography and anything else that he can come up. 

The last part is Freebie. Just like the name, what available here is free to download but only for educational purposes.

Sabas also provide ads spot in his blog page. The ads will be easily spoted in the middle right sidebar of his blog page. That will be fit for the advertiser to put some ads there. 

Advertiser could use banner 125x125 which cost only $5 for the whole month periods, with the estimation 5040 impression per month.

Middle right sidebar is strategic places he choose for ads spot. Advertisements can be seen immediately by the visitors on arriving at his blog. With low cost offers, it would be suitable for developing company advertiser to grow their business by placed their ads in his blog.

vector shop button
Besides ads, Sabas also sells his creation through “Vector Shop”. He has many great creations on his shop with not so expensive prices. Visitors can buy many of his creation, just see, pick and buy as your desire. Sabas surely has made the decision to create something more productive through his blog.

There will be more great post in the upcoming weeks as he promises, make sure you notice it, especialy if you have interest in Graphic Design fields.

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