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mashable mainpage was founded by Pete Cashmore in Scotland, in the midst 2005. In a short time mashable had grown into one of the best blogs in the world.

Furthermore, it become a prominent blog that influence people and many of its reviews noted by reputable media such as New York Times and The Washington Post.

Mashable is a blog which provide various information and reviews about digital media and social media include the latest technology trend and culture in the online world.

The exellence of this blog is the sharpness on catching latest trends that usefull for public but not so many people notice about it. Mashable has a thorough analysis and easy to digest by it's readers. 

ads jobs made it more attractive
For many users, Mashable deemed as a complete and trusted guidance. It also famous amongst blogger dan social media user particularly Facebook and Twitter.

In the midst of 2007, Business Week has crowned Mashable as one of the blogs with biggest earnings in the world. It is also deemed as “must read blog” by Fast Company and PC Magazine. 

It was include in 25 best blog on Time version in 2009. Mashable popularity also increase the popularity of its founder, Pete Cashmore which choosen as 25 Web Celeb in 2007 based on Forbes.

Just like techcrunch, Mashable also managed by the profesionals. Besides Pete Cashmore as founder and CEO, its also supported by an editor in chief. This person responsible for editorial management. 

Editor in chief are assisted by a managing editor, co-editor and community manager. Besides that there also a special europe editor and some reporters. 

Mashable also have assistant director, features editor, chief operation officer, chief technical officer, director of advertising and events editor.

Mashable have some categories comprised in social media, business, entertainment, tech, web video, dev & design, apple, mobile and jobs. It also accept guest post for relevant articles. This guest post acceptance had made Mashable always up to date on this field.

With average 25 million visitors per month, Mashable is an ideal place for advertiser. There is nothing else more profitable than opportunity of your ads being watched by 25 million people.

There are two ads system on Mashable, sponsorship and direct ads. Mashable provide two kind of sponsorship, online and event. For online sponsorship could be in form of contest or serial reviews.

For ads spot, mashable provide some places for advertisers who have interest to take the opportunities. 

sample of ads spot that provided
Besides on blog, Mashable also offers ads on syndicate feed. The ads will be displayed to more than 280,000 subscribers on Mashable feed.

Mashable also using Google Adsense, eventhough it is not the primary source income but it earns quite significant cash from google ads.

With the significant amount of visitors per month and tremendous income, I think its not exaggerate for many people says Mashable one of the cash maker blogs in the world.

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