How "" grows big?

Many people have succeed from blogging for money. is one example of a big blog that grows well.

TechCrunch, a San Francisco-based company that publishes the influential blog of the same name, started as a hobby. In 2005, Michael Arrington, a serial entrepreneur and former lawyer, was researching Silicon Valley start-ups and decided to post his findings online. Since then, TechCrunch, which draws about 9.2 million visitors a month and boasts annual revenue of about $10 million, has become the go-to source for breaking news about Internet start-ups and tech companies. Although TechCrunch has 25 full-time employees, Arrington, 40, still spends much of his time reporting and writing. On most days, he works remotely from his home near Seattle, in a cavelike home office. From morning until night, Arrington sits in darkness in front of his computer—blasting music, working his contacts, and focusing on what he loves best: breaking big stories.

So why it grows well? I give you the reasons from my point of view;

Be Specialized
Techcrunch specified itself reviewing latest products and companies related to internet technology. Techcrunch generally reviewing a company which influenced the online world, whether socialy or comercialy.

Eventhough basically only a blog, but its view is very attractive, just like a foremost media website and equipped by related channels. Techcrunch also provide a so-called ‘sliding news’, that is news summary which could be shifted in a matter of time.

Techcrunch is a blog that managed by a profesional, just like a publishing company. Those profesionals are a group of people that each of them have specific jobs and responsibilities. Techcrunch lead by Heather Harde as Chief Executive Officer. Before joining techcrunch , Harder has well-experinced in some reputable publishing companies such as Fox Interactive Media , TV Guide, Askyb and Showtime Networks.

While the founder Michael Arrington choose to become ‘co-editor’. Before he  established Techcrunch, Arrington who holds a degree in economics and law (graduate of Claremont McKenna College, 1992 and Standford Law School, 1995) was involved on took up a number of online companies such as Achex,, and Edgeio. On May 2008, an influenced magazine Time called Arringtonas one of a hundred figures in the world.

Build networks

techcrunch networks
Techcrunch has developed into a network in some specification, such as CrunchBase which is a database center of tech-companies and those who related in technology; Crunch Gear which discussed gadget development; Mobile Crunch which highlight the latest development on cellphone industry. Besides, Techrunch also expand it’s reach by establish Techcrunch Europe, Techcrunch France, and Techcrunch Japan.

Due to its global network it is not surprising Techcrunch has visited by 12+ million unique visitor per month, 35+ million pageviews per month, 2.2+ million RSS subscribers, and 2+ million followers and friends through Twitter and Facebook. What a fantastic number!

So where those money come from

advertiser application
Advertisement. Techcrunch recieve income through ‘advertising banners’ or advertise through banner. There are two methods used in ‘advertising banners’, first CPM (cost per mile) and sponsorship.

Advertisement Place
For example of CPM, Techcrunch using medium rectangle (300 x 250), which cost $18.00 per weeks and leaderboard (728 x 90) which cost $15.00 per weeks. That means for every thousand impressions (appearance of advertising), Techcrunch would gain $18,000 from medium-rectangle advertiser and $15,000 from leaderboard advertiser per weeks.

Whereas advertisment in form of sponsorship, Techcrunch provide advertising space size 125 x 125, with price $5,000.00 per week and $15,000.00 per month.

Techcrunch also provide special post to review advertising of products offered as a bonus to advertiser.

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