"Gothamist", its not a Batman story

This is another stroy of a successful blog, not a Batman story indeed. It's about a local blog turn into global.

If you want your blog become famous, it dosen’t mean you have to post something tremendous or discuss things that most people like. A blog could be popular and earned cash from a discussion of ‘local’ matters.

Ghotamist.com is one example of that kind of blog. This local blog have succeed to move on from worldwide competition. Called as a local blog because its only reviews things about New York.

gothamist.com mainpage

Founded in 2003, ghotamist.com analyze many aspects in New York city. Not only the latest news but also update event in some sites of New York. This blog also provide particular category discussing about foods.

Local nuance is very strong in gothamist because most reader are residence of the New York city, which is est. 40% stayed in Brooklyn and 35% in Manhattan. More than 75% reader even makes several return visits in a day to have latest news.
For its popularity has made New York Times named it as “ a web that you can’t leave because its reflect everything you need to know about New York” whilst Forbes magazine called gothamist as “an advance and attractive blog about urban city”. Gothamist had received Rave Award from Wired Magazine.

The advertiser
Main income of gothamist are advertisement units from various size. Leaderboard (728x90), medium rectangle (300x250) and skycraper (150x500), with approx price $10 using CPM system (cost per thousand impressions).

Banner ads in gothamist.com

Besides banner, gothamist also provide advertisment in form of sponsor posting with price est $ 125 or through email (est price $250 and $ 40). All in CPM basis.

The way it works
Even its only a blog with local content doesn’t mean gothamist managed haphazardly. This blog have managed by professionals. More interesting that one important figures in this blog is female Jen Chung. She is editor and co-founder. Another important figure is Jake Dobkin, publisher and co-founder.

gothamist co-founder
Daily, Jen Chung and Jake Dobkin assisted by a technology editor, editor-at-large, and reporter which handle art events, news, food, sport, and weather. In 2010, gothamist monthly income est $80,000.00

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