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Heather B. Armstrong a houswife and blog owner. Actually she only post a simple topics in her blog such as how she feels, family lifes, children, and dogs. She can deliver it in a relax, smart, and funny ways so that at the momment have hundred of thousands loyal reader.

Armstrong start her blog in 2001 when she was a web designer in Los Angeles. That time she oftenly post her blog with pop culture, musik and her life as a single lady. Dooce was choosen because Armstrong always wrong in write that word as “dude” when chat with her friend. Her first post was a simple poetry about Carnation milk.

A year latter Armstrong was fired from her jobs. The reasons were simple. She wrote anything about her bos and partner behaviour in blog post. Her dismissal has bring her a bless. Many readers are sympatized, and then become a loyal reader. The term dooced which means dismissed from a job for write something about works in blog eventually become famous.

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After married her husband Jon, Armstrong manage her blog seriously. She then decide to become a professional blogger after start having some advertiser. Her job as professional blogger were foto processing, writting notes, editing post, reading and replying emails. All her jobs are done from home.

Dooce blog has its own specialty, placing a blog header with particular theme for a month, and change it for another month, she call it masthead. Masthead only one of the categories of her blog. Others are About, Audio, boobs, BYU, Chuck, Coco, Comment Policy, Community, Contact, Daily, Daily Chuck, Daily Photo, Daily Style, Depression, Dooced, Email, Enjoying, Family, FAQ, Feeding Guilty, How to Annoy Me, How to Charm Me, Jon, Kithcen Remodel, Leta, Links, Listening, Lists, Los Angeles, Marlo, Misc, Mormonism, Newsletters, Nubbin, Parenthood, Photos, Poop, Pregnancy, Reading, Redesign, Sleep, Stories, Style, Tennessee, Thingking, Utah and Video.

In November 2009, dooce has introduced dooce community which allow registered visitors to post their question and answer. This community formed solely to intimize readers. This community was the development of comment facility which deemed no longer performed.

For her popularity, Armstrong get some award such as Best American Blog, Best Designed Blog, Best Writting for a Blog, and Web Blog of the Year. In 2008 she accept “Lifetime Achievement Award”. She was ranked 8  in “The Web Celeb 25” in 2008 and 2009 and ranked 7 in Forbes Magazine 2010.

She also include in “30 most influential women in media” Forbes Magazine version in 2009. She was ranked 26. Besides Forbes, Armstrong figures also appear in reputable media such as Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, the Washington Post, USA Today, and Business Week. She also appeared in ABC News Bightline, NPR, PBS, ABC World News Tonight and The Today Show.

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In 2004 Armstrong recieve text ads for the first time. A year later she admit banner and picture ads. She then write on her post that earning from advertisement would become primary income for her family. In the middle 2010 Armstrong get a constant income from her blog. She provide a spot for banner ads by Cost Per Thousand Impressions (CPM).

Besides recieving advertiser she also puts google adsense for additional income. Her popularity has give her a way for development. In 2008 Armstrong become an editor of a book published by Kensington Books titled “Things I Learned About My Dad: In Therapy”. 

Her second book titled “ It Sucked and Then I Cried: How I Had a Baby, a Breakdown, and a Much Needed Margarita” published in March 2009 by Simon Spotlight Entertainment and ranked 16 of New York Times bestseller books in April 2009. She become a music columnist and consultant in network media Alpha Mom. Along with her husband, they manage Armstrong Media LLC, a web design base business and content. She also become a panelist on serial online video Momverstation.

She execute a cooperation with network television HGTV online and onair, and since 2010 become a contributor for Design Happens Blog Network then has become one of the blogs with large income. Approximately this blog earn $50,000.00 per month.

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