Make Your 'Freshome'

Our skills in some particular things is an important basic to start a blog. Many people has proof this by manage a great blogs. One of the blogs is this one, the blog that concern on interior designs. The name is Freshome.

Freshome is a weblog devoted to uncovering and sharing the latest and greates products in Architecture and Design. The primary focus of this design publication is to give audiences inspiration to make yourown home more beautiful, organized and healthy. Freshome believes that a calm, healthy, beautiful home is necessary foundation for happiness and success in the world.

Since Freshome started it has been linked to from a surprising variety of sources such as The Huffington Post, Gizmodo, Wired, Boing Boing, Yahoo News, Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post, and many more. More over nowadays it has more than 5500 unique articles with more than 30,000 pictures and ideas .. this has made it a great sources for many people. Loyal bases of core readers on Facebook, Twitter, RSS Subscriptions and other social sites have given over 5 million pages viewed every month.
Its not just stop in there, freshome also represents a referrence point for those who want to acquire an overall idea of what’s happening in the cretive and ever-changing world of design.

The categories on the mainpage divided into ‘Best of’, ‘Apartments’, ‘Architecture’, ‘Bedroom’, ‘Furniture’, ‘Ideas’, ‘Kitchen’, ‘Living Room’, and ‘Bathroom’. Each of these categories gives an inspirational images and high quality articles in developing great houses. Inside the articles it also contains of product reviews, prices and where to get it in case you interested to buy it ... its all in the contents.

Great blogs always come from a great people. Who are exactly behind There are five great people behind it. Micle Mihai-Christian is the leader and mastermind behind freshome and its community. His love for marketing and making websites grow was always a first love, and Freshome became the next level to expand upon. Mihai is always seeking out the next best opportunity for freshome and its readers.
The next are a charming creative females. Lavinia Patrascu, a Master’s degree in Cultural Management and is a University graduate in Tourism Economy. She also has a degree in photography and experience as a copywriter.

Ronique Gibson, an Associate Architect and a LEED Accredited Professional, who has been in the architectural and interior design industry for over 13 years. Ada Teicu, a Journalism/English graduate and has a Master’s degree in Mass-media and Public Relations. Specializing in writing about design, architecture, furniture and adjacent design fields. And the last is Stacey Sheppard, graduated from the University of Bath with a First Class degree in French, German and European Studies. It was whilst studying in Paris that she first discovered her interest in interior design. For Stacey, the best thing about writing for Freshome is the opportunity it provides to indtroduce the readers to all the great designs that she comes across in her work.

With all of that potentials, does it get monetized? Yes it does. It generate a third party advertisement networks. The ad network engagements resembled in the ads banners in some sizes, namely leaderboard, medium rectangle and half-page float. Well, this blog superbly manage all crucial factors for blogs to grows big ... high quality and fresh contents, traffics, network links. It just about a time to see bigger than this in the future.

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