Steve Pavlina Know How to Build You

One of the topics to write on blog is technique on self-development. has made it. Just like its name, a male named Steve Pavlina is the owner of the blog. He already famous for his specialty in self-development. Each month million of visitors had come to his blog.

He has wrote more than 1.000 articles, Pavlina also record a number of audio programs in self-development themes.

Periodically, his statements had been anotated by media such as New York Times, USA Today, U.S News & World Report, the Los Angeles Daily News, Self Magazine, and the Guardian. Pavlina also oftenly attend as sourcespeaker in radio programs. was created in 2004 with theme ‘Personal Development for Smart People’. Topics of the blog include anything related with how to develop yourself into a success person which comprise productivity, motivation, carrier, business, wealth and religion. All discussions are based on daily experience.

To its reader, this blog is like a treasure. There are many usefull articles and all of them are benefits to you. And all of that are free to read.

As an expert on this field thus his recommendation are trusted. This become one of his income sources. Recommendation on paid membership product have been particularly reviewed in ‘Recommended Products and Services’.

He also held routine workshop to deliver his knowledge about self-development. You have to buy ticket to join the workshop. 
workshop information

Besides blog he also made a book ‘Personal Development for Smart People’ that published on October 2008. This book had become best seller books in Amazon for months even before its official released. This blog has estimated earned $45,000.00 per month.

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