Superb Wife

Heather B. Armstrong a houswife and blog owner. Actually she only post a simple topics in her blog such as how she feels, family lifes, children, and dogs. She can deliver it in a relax, smart, and funny ways so that at the momment have hundred of thousands loyal reader.

Armstrong start her blog in 2001 when she was a web designer in Los Angeles. That time she oftenly post her blog with pop culture, musik and her life as a single lady. Dooce was choosen because Armstrong always wrong in write that word as “dude” when chat with her friend. Her first post was a simple poetry about Carnation milk.

"Gothamist", its not a Batman story

This is another stroy of a successful blog, not a Batman story indeed. It's about a local blog turn into global.

If you want your blog become famous, it dosen’t mean you have to post something tremendous or discuss things that most people like. A blog could be popular and earned cash from a discussion of ‘local’ matters.

A Precious Shoe

One of the blogs that become a referrences for those who want to learn about earn cash from a blog is This blog belongs to Jeremy Schoemaker, and have plenty of tips on how to earn money from affiliate marketing and direct advertisment.

His first contact with internet started from his college in Western Illinois University. That time he made a game web with Macintosh basis. With that knowledge, then he created shoemoney in 2003.

Retire Young

Have you ever heard retireat21? Its a blog that offers retirement at a young ages. The founder Michael Dunlop even propose to retire at the age of 21.

In the early age, Dunlop had gone through a so called net lifestyle and could do anything he want, because he had a stable income from his blog.

How "" grows big?

Many people have succeed from blogging for money. is one example of a big blog that grows well.

TechCrunch, a San Francisco-based company that publishes the influential blog of the same name, started as a hobby. In 2005, Michael Arrington, a serial entrepreneur and former lawyer, was researching Silicon Valley start-ups and decided to post his findings online. Since then, TechCrunch, which draws about 9.2 million visitors a month and boasts annual revenue of about $10 million, has become the go-to source for breaking news about Internet start-ups and tech companies. Although TechCrunch has 25 full-time employees, Arrington, 40, still spends much of his time reporting and writing. On most days, he works remotely from his home near Seattle, in a cavelike home office. From morning until night, Arrington sits in darkness in front of his computer—blasting music, working his contacts, and focusing on what he loves best: breaking big stories.