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Have you ever heard retireat21? Its a blog that offers retirement at a young ages. The founder Michael Dunlop even propose to retire at the age of 21.

In the early age, Dunlop had gone through a so called net lifestyle and could do anything he want, because he had a stable income from his blog. main page
This blog divided into some categories which all related with how to get money from blogging. Those parts are Young Rich List, Top Young Bloggers, How I Built This Website, Creating a Blog, and Making Money Online.

top 30 young bloggers page

the rich list page
How I Built This Website , Young Rich List and Top Young Bloggers have a significant influence to the bloggers. It tells that “you can do it” so that many bloggers feels encouraged through this features.

He disclose his secret
Dunlop also active in making an interview post with important figures related with internet marketing

Since the first time he establish, Dunlop have interviewed some prominent figures from internet world such as Mark Victor Hansen, Ryan Lee, joel Comm, Yanik Silver, Craig Newmark (founder of, Bernadette Doyle, Cameron Johnson, Bob Parsons (founder and CEO of GoDaddy), Carrie Wilkerson, Russel Brunson, Ryan Deiss, Matt Mullenweg (founder and developer of Wordpress), Andrew Lock, Mike Geary, Ewen Chia dan Gary Varneychuk.

The main income comes from affiliate sales, which is a sales based on affiliate through posting. Dunlop also provide space for advertiser in many sizes with different prices. Each month this blog has earned est. $5,000.00. Not so bad for a young person.

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