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If we talk about blogs so we talk about freedom of expressions. Thus many topics we could chose to posts on our blogs. For some people fashion could be a way of expressing themselves, of experimenting with moods. Fashion is about letting yourself inspired by everything and anything around you, lets say a favorite video, an artist, a painting, a certain food, a city, a person, a song, a movie ect. It is all about feeling free and unafraid. Ultimately fashion is art whether expressed in high couture on catwalks or in everyday life on the streets.

This time I am interested to see a blog about fashion. The blog is out of my imaginations. It was completely simple using a wordpress platforms. The blog address is The creator is passionate about fashion (street glam style), movies (psychological dramas), travelling (anywhere with sunshine and sea/ocean), food (Italian cooking, pastry, cheese, cookies), music (Brett Anderson, Suede, Beatles, Etta James, Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Frank Sinatra, Lady Gaga, etc). She also love to write, to get inspired by people and their stories, to be around her family and friends, to read fashiion blogs and magazines, to sing when nobody’s listening (little bit strange I guess ... hehe), to drink coffee, and help people ... what a nice women right ... 

Now lets take a look at the menu provided. There are the social media links ‘Fashion tag on Facebook’, ‘Recent posts’, ‘Archives’, ‘Categories’, ‘Follow via email’, ‘Blogroll’, and ‘Topics’.

The ‘fashion tag on facebook’ has its own eminence in helping editors to build communities around weblogs, through the use of comments, like buttons, trackbacks that would made them keep in touch with the audiences and fostering friendship.

‘Archives’ is serious matters for blogs. When we are blogging for an extended time, what matters is how well our post is organized, and for that blog paltform provides us with some several ready made options to display our archives of our blog, containing all the old posts. We can choose from yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, or others fit us best. While ‘Categories’ will organize our posts into group of options which easily available for audiences to choose.

The ‘blogroll’ that used in this blog provide links that had been read frequently, a friendly way of acknowledging the good blogs out there. Using this menu, it would allow blog editor to add and manage links effortlessly. The effortlessness begins with a neat bookmarklet that editors can add to the bookmarks or favorites in their browser. Adding a link to an interesting blog or website is as simple as clicking on the bookmark or favorite when they visit the blog or website the next time. There is some neat template tags that enable editors to display blogroll the way they like, in alphabetical order, ranking order, the order in which they were updated.

This blog has expand audiences engagement opportunities through ‘Follow via email’. For those who have interested to keeps notified with new posts just enter email address on the provided spot. While ‘Topics’ provide audiences on shorcut access through words that might be a keywords to related information.

Technically this blog has the potential to get monetized, but I don’t see any monetizing activities from what it has displayed. I think, the creator was completely focussed on the information quality that provided.

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