What Happen in Football,

Sports are interesting for many people. In fact it has become unseparated parts of a daily newspapers. There will always special sport reports on one of the pages. Sports will related with my posts today. This time the blog I’am going to discuss based it topics on football ( or in some countries it called soccer).

Football Media is a news website that delivers only the freshest news of today football, result, previews, transfer rumors, football player lifestyle even the supporters. The address of this blog is footbal-media.net.

The blog contents made by several partner authors and soon, it will be available for contributors. This is interesting parts especialy if the contributors get some compensations. The weblog owner is Andrew Lampard, he is both the administrator and news contributor to the blog. Andrew supported by several professionals namely Kardos Atila (Editor in Chief), Leon Machado (Journalist), Markus Steinberg (partner author), George D. Briggs (News Contributors) and some more as off-site contributors.

The web design is nice, its simple, easy to follow and attractive. The blog has rich football news contents that made it suitable for football lovers. The information provide here is complete. And something that steal my attentions is the concept of the pages. Read this blog is just like reading a newspaper sport pages, its comfortable. Besides the news there also another attractive features such as wallpaper and babes. But there is only few contents of these at the moment. I hope there going to be more contents on these features in the future.

Football-media.net has generate it monetize matters through third party ad network vendors. Some of their advertising partners might use cookies and web beacons on their site. These third party ad servers or ad networks use technology to the advertisements and links that appear on this blog send directly to your browsers. These kind of advertisments will appear in form of banners in some particular places in the blog pages.

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