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As I mentioned before that ‘game does matters’, it is. Making a blog to discuss about game is great things to do. I have found this blog last year at December. You could find it in There are some stories on how it being known as shacknews.

Shacknews was founded as sCary’s Quakeholio in 1996 as a website dedicated to id Software’s then-upcoming Quake. Over the years, the website evolved and its coverage expanded. The site was later renamed Shugashack before eventually coming to be known as Shacknews.

From the begginings in the early days of online video game coverage more than a decade ago, Shacknews has grown to become one of the leading gaming sites on the internet. Shacknews covers games across every major platform with news and in-depth previews and interviews, and is home to a large community of dedicated gamers.

It also offers high-speed downloads of demos, patches, movies, as well as thousands of screenshots and streaming videos. Shacknews reaches millions of gamers every month with the work of a small but dedicated full-time staff.

Lets take a look further into the categories. This blog has provided visitors with some categories such as ‘News’, ‘Games’, ‘Videos’, ‘Files’, ‘Cheats’, and ‘Chatty’. In the footer of the mainpage we could find a shorcut into ten best menu of some categories namely ‘Top Games’, ‘Most Anticipated’ and ‘Top Rentals’.
At ‘news’, we could find important news in game indsutries such as time release of some video games, best sales of particular products, console reviews, and more related news.

The ‘games’ provide us with lists of games on some parts namely new games, upcoming games, popular games, and top rentals. The new games and upcoming games comes from many consoles such as playstation 3, pc , xbox 360, ds, wii and psp. While the rest comes from playstation 3, pc , xbox 360, ds and wii.
‘Videos’ will please the audiences with attractive audio visuals from related games. We can select what we desire based on latest videos, trailers, gameplay videos, video interviews, and features.

The ‘Files’ gives us an overviews towards games software and application that might needed to paly it. Menu available here consist of demos, mods, media, patches, and drivers. Moreover this features gives us other side of views on playing the game.

‘Cheats’ ... the title best describe the contents inside. Its a directory of Top Cheats and The Latest Cheats uploaded by the editors. The categories divided based on alphabetical orders so it would ease audiences to find the cheats that they needs.

‘Chatty’ is a great features that made audiences easily engage one to another as members. This is like mini community specialized on games matters. This is good to build engagement with visitors. But to made yourself available in chatty you have to become a members of Besides chatty, shacknews has expand its connectivity with the audiences through rss subscribtions.

As far as I have seen, there is no monetization activities from this blog. It is completely information sources on games. It is quite understandable since shacknews is part of large media groups namely the, thus monetization activities must be undertaken by the media groups.

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