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As I mentioned before in ‘Let Chow Teach You How’ now I would like to see about problogger itself. The shift of paradigm on the use of blog. Blog not only viewed as a media to distribute ideas but could also as a source of income. The question is how does a blog can be a cash maker? Problogger.net try to answer this question. Problogger contains many practical knowledge on how a blog could earn money.

The owner, Darren Rowse absolutely not do this haphazardly particularly when he post on how to get money from a blog.

He decided to become a professional blogger and create Problogger.net in 2004. Eventhough handdled by himself, Rowse managed Problogger sistematically. He makes a routine update to his blog. And he has choose one post as a headline besides of course many new posts. 

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Rowse was not forget to insert video post which he publishe every week.To help the readers, particularly the new comer, Rowse provide ‘archive’ which provide you all information available. It will ease readers to find what they need to read. 

Rowse also recieve guest posts, this has made this blog rich of contents. There is also a recent video post that make this blog more attractive.

He oftenly share his experience on how to monetize blog using many platform such as Chitika, Google Adsense, Text Link Ads, and Amazon Associates.
Problogger also provide spot for advertiser. There are two types of ads, premium sponsorship package and regular sponsorship package. The different from these two types was the price. Both display periods are for one month.

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Premium packages in form of banner placed in upper page sized 468x60 and banner placed in the right side page sized 250x125. Each sponsors will have some kind of introduction bonus from Rowse. Meanwhile, for regular sponsorship in form of banner in the right side page sized 125x125.

Problogger also offers job board (jobs vaccancy). For the job board, advertiser must pay $50 per item with display periods 30 days. He is surely one of the experts in blogger world.

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