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Technology is a never ending topic, especialy to discuss in a blog. Many technology inovations emerge almost every day. This condition has made technology always attract many people attention. One blog that periodically reviews on technology matters is

Venturebeat established for the first time by Matt Marshall, in 2006. Only after two years operated, the existing of venturebeat has began to be taken into account. Reputable media at that time, New York Times has called it one of the “top blogs”.

As the owner, Matt Marshall also act as Editor In-Chief. Marshall being helped by Owen Thomas as Executive Editor. Interesting factor is the appearance of asian figure Dean Takahashi as lead writter and GamesBeat editor. Moreover Anthony Ha as Assistant Director and Kim-Mai Cuttler as writter. This blog has been strengthened by each writter specialties.

Blog editor divide the article into some categories, which all of that catagory names ended by the word “beat” such as MobileBeat, GreenBeat, GamesBeat, DealsBeat, DemoBeat, SocialBeat, DevBeat and CloudBeat. The articles in each categories periodically published on Yahoo Buzz, the,, and many more.

The eminence of VentureBeat was on what they called Widgets-In, which made blog editor possible to integrate company profiles and executives in displayed posts. VentureBeat also periodically collect press releases which had been published by some companies and cultivated it into a posting so that reader are well informed on the latest information. VentureBeat could also assist readers who want to know the latest company news through Twitter.

advertise in venturebeat
VentureBeat gain a significant income from advertisement. There are some types of advertisement offers from this blog. First, a banner ads. Available size for banners are wide skycraper (160x600), medium rectangle (300x250) and leaderboard (728x90). Each size has its own prices.

VentureBeat also provided sponsorship site with banner sizes 125x125 and 250x125. Ads also provided in form of RSS Feed and Text. In 2010, estimated income of this blog was $62,000 per weeks.

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