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Cars as transportation tools are essential for many people. It seems that personal car is more than just a pride.

Many car owners or those who want to buy one needs good recomendation about it. This opportunity is well managed by This blog originated from Australia, made by Alborz Fallah, an automotive devotee that drove his first car at his sixth birthdays anniversary.

He made caradvice to fill the emptyness which he saw toward car information at that time. Alborz saw the existing information tend to business purposes thus not well approach on consumer needs. Caradvice then established to fill that emptyness.

Main focus of this blog is reviewing many kinds of cars. Not just an ordinary review but it pass through serial testdrive too. Nevertheless, the reviews provided here objectively based on what tester feels on the testdrive.

Give reviews and testdrive reports just one of categories available in caradvice. It also discuss on latest information of new cars, buy and sell cars and car loan services.

Car news category contains the latest news in automotive industries and brands.The attractive part is classifieds category. 

buy and sale cars
Through this menu, editors can actively interact with readers. Readers could give an information about cars they want to sell. On the other hand, readers could gain information about car prices, whether ‘new cars for sale’ or ‘used cars for sale’. Readers could also state his car prices through ‘value your car’ menu.

Furthermore, caradvice provides carloan services thar carry a motto 'We'll beat the banks'. Buyers can learn this program directly from the blog itself. If they want to apply it can be made right on spot, just follow the instructions. 

example of ads spot
The advertisers here are all from automotive vendors. Caradvice accommodate advertiser wants by providing ads spot such as leaderboard, floating half page, medium rectangle, and features tile. You should ask directly to advertisement team to discuss on ads prices.

Editorial team is lead by John Cardogan and includes Alborz Fallah, Anthony Crawford, Brett Davis, Karl Peskett, Paul Maric, and Nadine Armstrong. With overseas correspondents including Mark Hacking (US) and Kevin Hackett (UK) keeping this blog at the forefront of developments in all things automotive.

Caradvice has very well web design, good color combinations, and high quality information that provided. It surely top automotive blogs in Australia.

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