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Homemade peppermint, Cranberry Applesauce, Gingerbread Latte, Rainbow Cake, and many more .... yummy isn’t it. What would you think about browneyedbaker? That is what attract me this time. established in February 2009 carries a tag ‘sweet-savory-sinful’ will tease your apetite for this week. Browneyedbaker ... just like the blog name it resemble the creator, a real passionate foodie, baker, writer, eater, and hard worker. 

Her name is Michelle, born and bred in Pittsburgh home of the famed Primanti Bros. Sandwich. Brown eyed charming women that love spend times in the kitchen. She want to deliver the message that everyone could bake a great foods.
In filling her contents in, Michelle never have a formal culinary training and have never taken a cooking or baking class in her life. Everything She has learned has been through trial and error, reading and research (thats why she is hard worker).

Her blog full of the recipes that typically come from one of her cookbooks, foodmagazines, other food blogs, family recipes, or a combination of any of the above. The vast majority of recipes provide here are of the sweet variety.

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The blog provided in some categories, Recipe Archives, My 100, Tutorials, Baking FAQ, Unplugged, Photography, and Shop. To make shorcuts into a full listing of recipes on one page, visitors can check out the recipe index.

There is also tutorials, which give illustration on how to master a certain technique, like decorating cookies with royal icing and how to make pastry cream. Visitors can check out the turotials section to view all of these.

She also introduce food photography through her blog. Much like cooking and baking, she was self-leraning in photography. 

Food photography collections
If you view her photos from when she began this blog, you will see that She has made great strides. All of it has been through reading as much as she can about photography and food styling, and becoming intimately familiar with the different settings on her camera. From her experience she gain her expertise. She share that expertise through tips on food photography that visitors could find in ‘Food Photography 101 : The Basics’.

With the speciality that this blog has, it would bring a lot of traffic. Thus there is a good chance to monetize it. In my perspective the blog don’t take advertiser to engage. It take affiliate program. The affiliates she chose are strongly related with her blog niche .... smart and energic women, kicthen, and foods. Michelle creation is another evidences that daily activity could be a great inspirations to build a blog.

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