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If you have particular news, good reviews and latest information on related technology then you could have a great ingredients to make a great blogs. Furthermore if you like so much on something that would be a good basis to develop a better blog.

This time is about a mangaholic person that write-down all the expertise into a blog. This is a blog about anime world of manga addressed at manga.jadedragononline.com. This blog has focussed to discuss manga in US territory. All about manga in United States quite well covered here. The blog provide news, reviews, technology until parenting matters related to manga.  It has rich content of manga articles so that visitors could find what their needs by simply clicking on related menu. 

Categories provided in five sections namely  All Ages Manga, Ask Manga Mom, Horror MMF, and Review Archive. Menu and features provided here are easy to use thus it would not take long for visitors to understand this blog. The guidance available is clearly displayed so that it is not so difficult to select what we needs.

What we can find at All Ages Manga is a list of all the books available in the US that rated All Ages. Titles includes here for example are Time Guardian, The Red String, Bakugan Battle Brawlers, Land of Silver Rain, Angelic Layer, and many more.

the reviews
Ask Manga Mom provide visitors with questions reader have asked about manga. Just click on ‘Ask Manga Mom’ on the sidebar menu. There are some answers already available, first you could choose one answer as the nearest related to your question. If the answer is not available, then you could submit one to the editor. Some of the questions is about where to find particular manga title for free downloads. In answering, the editor is not only just giving ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer but also give an alternative solutions.

What about Horror MMF? Well, just like you have guessed, most of these contents is all about horror. Moreover this page would serve as an archive and provide links from all the participants. It consists of Previous Manga Moveable Feasts (this one is not completely horror), Articles, Reviews, Discussions and Rountables, and Manga Xanadu.

In the Horror MMF Articles you will find related horror articles from other blogs. The ‘Reviews’ provide links to high quality manga reviews on some particular titles that displayed on ‘Horror MMF’ page. If you like to discuss on particular themes of manga then you are fit in ‘Discussions and Roundtables’ menu, just click on and get interact on discussions on related articles. In ‘Manga Xanadu’ you will get the basic explanation on certain matters related to horror manga.  ‘Manga Moveable Feast’ is a week-long event from manga blogging community which discuss particular series or one shot title. This event has started in February 2010.

Almost overlook about the creator of this blog. She is Lori Henderson a well-experienced mom on manga world matters. She give an important message to readers especialy parents in handling manga in home environment. I mean who would not like a manga story right? Moreover children. Thus as a parents it is clearly important to understand more about this aspect. In this issues Lori has made great features in ‘age ratings’ and ‘terms I should know’ to assist parents in guiding their children through manga.

In the performance it has great color combination in page that it is not so irritating to the eyes. The richness of contents give more value to unique visitors who love much to read about manga articles. The specialty on manga has obviously made this blog easily connect with readers. But there are two things made me wondering about this blog. I don’t see monetize activity from this blog. From all the potential it has, it should be great for it to get monetized. And I am wondering again why the head title is Manga Xanadu. :)

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