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I would like to review a travel blog this time. The blog address is whygo.com. This blog is more than simple guide book put online. You would get real recommendations and answers from real experts, this blog would make your planning trip easier.

Whygo focusses on some cities around the world for example Amsterdam, Australia, Bali, Canada, Chicago, France, Grecee, Hawaii, Iceland, Italy, Las Vegas, London, Paris, Portland, Spain and Thailand. 

Whygo is a part of the BootsnAll Travel Network (a community of online travel guides and resources that connect and inspire independent travellers, reaching over 3.6 million travellers per month).

This time the blog I have visited talks about Italy. The blog divided into some categories such as ‘ Accommodation’, ‘Airfare to .. ‘Information’, ‘Travel Guide’, ‘What to Do’, ‘Train Travel’ and ‘Whygo networks’. All the menu provided are crucials for travellers to know, thus the blog itself has become a great sources for particular readers.

One of important parts are ‘ hostels’. This is important for traveller that concern alot about budget. Whygo provide this ‘Hostel’ menu. In whygo Italy the blog also provide related site that very useful for travellers.

join as whygo writter
If you have interest to writte for whygo there is a chance to do that. To become a writter you need to sign up and wait for notification to get hired. This is one way whygo get its qualified guide experts.

the guides
Whygo readers are highly particulars. Usually many young students would use whygo as recommendation for their study plans, thats why this blog has good connection with college environment. Besides college community, approximately many whygo readers have a household above average as keen travellers.

Those eminence has made this blog great magnet for advertiser. They provide some ads size for advertiser. There are leaderboard, medium rectangle and button which prices range from $5 until $1,500. Sponsored posts are available too, with pricing start from $150.

So, if you have great experience on your travel journey, why don’t you start your own blog and make it monetized.

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