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I’ve ever mention about Heather B. Armstrong blog (the founder and owner of She is a real  proof about women expertise to earn money from the net. Now I would like to talk about another mommy blog that grows well in the world wide web by talking about daily moms activities. is the blog that I’am talking about. This blog was started online in 2005. The actress behind the success is Alicia Hagan both founder and editor of She is a lovely, smart, and hard worker mom that has any experience requiered to be an editor in this field. She is the only editor at the moment at the

She have many achievements in her live, related to her jobs. Namely Brand Ambassador for Ralph Lauren, Rice Krispies and SHOUT, featured Mom Blogger on Bloggy Moms, invited by Fox5 to be a ’Stroller expert’, Featured on Atlanta’s 11Alive and Fox 5 news , 2011 Honda Odyssey San Diego press preview mom-blogger participant, and Pop Secret Mom in 2011.

She has working record as PR reps with many reputable companies such as Ficher Price, Honda, Sony, HP, Mom Central, Child’s Play and Team Mom. All of that experiences have given her particular advantageous in develop her networks to enhance her blogs. (she also an editor in

This blog talks on parenthood, travel, products, food, tantrums, self-identity and other related with parental activities. The blog contents divide in some categories such as Parenting Articles, Review Categories, Giveaways, Online Sample Sales, Shopping, Blogger Resources and link to

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She has an attractive ways to enggage with the readers. Through her blog she provide a ‘giveaway’ contest. This contest give readers chance to get free product from her blog. It is quite simple how to get it. Just make a comment on the product review available in ‘giveaway’ page, explain why you wan to win that contest. If you are choosen then that product is yours for free. 

Themommyinsider give mostly everything it had reviewed. Some of those products are actual while some are samples sent by the company just to give away to lucky readers. 

How she gets the money from? Well, it is affiliate programs and advertisements. 

The form of advertisement provided for advertiser are newsletter text ad, newsletter display ad, right column 125x125 display ad. 

The prices are depends on what form the advertiser choose. Besides advertisement themommyinsider has follow some of affiliate programs to generate more incomes.

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Alicia Hagan personaly has est. 1,700 followers on twitter. While have est. 4,911 email subscriber and thousands of mom and dad visitors each month. if you notice this blog has a very clear target readers. 

This clear target could be a potential consumers. The result of this situation of course ... a good place for particular advertisers to promote their products.

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