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Business information is crucial for enterpreneurs. A good particular information could help small business actors develop their business empire surviving from the giant company. This time I give you one blog that provide useful information for small business enterpreneurs.

The blog address is Many aspect to decide a blog is best or usual. A good blog depends on how the contents are. Smallbiztrends is one of the best business source blog. This blog lead by professionals and support by professionals, the result of course ... quality. It also committed to provide high quality information for the small business community.

Anita Campbell is the founder, CEO, and Editor in Chief of, Small Business Trends Newsletter, and host of the Small Business Radio. She has been enterpreneur at heart her entire life. A lawyer by training, she has a wide range of interests, as reflected in her varied background in banking, information technology, human resources, marketing and eCommerce.

Editorial team of Smallbiztrends are Staci Wood as Operations Manager, Dr. Scott Shane as Research Editor, Ivana Taylor as Books Editor, Joel Libava as Community Promotions Editor, Kelly Spors as Green Biz Editor, Rieva Lesonsky as Legislative Editor, TJ McCue as Product Review Editor, and Lisa Barone as Social Media Editor.

Before starting her enterpreneurial journey she held various executive positions in the corporate world. Most recently she was Senior Executive with Bell & Howell Company, including serving as CEO of a technology subsidiary of Bell & Howell.

Now lets take a look at her blog page. There are some categories in the page, namely ‘Marketing Tips’, ‘Small Biz Experts’, ‘Newsletter’, ‘About’, ‘Reviews’ Research’ and ‘Press Release’. This content is rich of quality articles about information on small business development. This rich quality content could happen because Anita has wide open contributor for her blog. 

the industry experts
These contributors are small business experts that provide an articles as promotion of their business through Anita’s blog. There is a win-win solution from this mechanism. The experts share their knowledge through high quality articles, interviews and book reviews. This is one of its excellence.

The other excellence is Radio Show. This program has enhance its reach to wider potential audiences. This ‘Radio Show’ gives an opportunity for any enterpreneur to become a guest by bring specific topic, offer an excellent insight and information that is not easy to find elsewhere, and deliver small business focused content.

To join this show as guest speaker you don’t need to come there to the studio, you can appear on the show via telephone. The main requirement is access to a land line telephone. At the end of the show you can tell listeners where to find you on the world wide web.

Are you curious how this blog get monetized? So do I, now lets take a look. Small Business Trends is a thought leader publication and has 71,247 followers in twitter and 113,000 newsletter readers. It has a targeted audience of small business owners, enterpreneurs, managers in small business, professionals, analysts, and more. 

the 'Radio Show'
So it is clear enough, for relevant advertiser could use this blog as promotion media. As far as I see there are three kind of monetazion that used by this blog. The three kinds of monetazion are Adchoice, Banner on CPM basis, and Sponsors from Radio Show program. The blog doesn’t receive text link ads and paid product reviews or placements.

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