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This blog is a blog that provide practical tips. has been mentioned as one of the highest quality information sources for web designers and developers.

Founded by Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennarzt in September 2006. Just in a shortime the existing of this blog was taken into account. In December 2008 BurellesLuce, a website that monitored on some media has included Smashing Magazine into a list of best ten blogs.

The blog routinely write a post on evaluation of softwares that usually used by many web designers and developers. Besides evaluate softwares it also discuss on applications and tools that generally being used by web designers and developers.

The excellence of Smashing Magazine are some free bonus for the readers. The bonuses are letters and templates that could be downloaded for free, explanation on trends and new techniques. The post made by Smashing Magazine count on its quality not quantity. The blog management try to give a value added to its readers.

This blog has also been one of the inisiators of community consist of web designers. Everyday those community members has discussed many inventions and ideas which then openly discussed. Every contribution given by the members will be fully supported by the community. Generally, the form of support in term of blog traffic and adverisment.

To maintain and manage the blog seriuously, Vitaly Friedman and Sven Lennartz establish a company named Smashing Media GmbH. 

Smashing shop
This company managed Smashing Magazine, Noupe (blog about design), Shamshing Shop (Online shop that sells many things related on web development), Dr. Web Magazin (blog about design in Deutch Language), and Smashing Jobs.

Each month this blog has 5 million visitors. Est. 200,000 subscribed RSS readers and Twitter with more than 200,000 followers. Until February 2010 this blog has been commented by 107, 105 people, made 882 articles and published 41.342 pictures.

Smashing Magazine offers an ads spot with variation on price. The size comprise on 200x125, 190x400 on the sidebar, RSS Feed Ads, and Sponsor Message.

Smashing Magazine would not accept review or paid content services ads, unless the manager found that the softwares or the products are trully useful. The reason why they do this is to keep its objectivity. The quality of each article are highly maintain for the readers interest.

Until the midst of 2010, This blog being estimated that each month it has managed to earn $ 58.500 and ranked 9 as blog with the largest income in the world.

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