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There are alot of inspirations we could use to determine topics in our blog. This time I’ll make a reviews on Abduzeedo. This is blog about design that was built by Brazilian designer, Fabio Sasso. A great ways to deliver what you like into a blog.

You can access this blog at This is one of the blogs that mostly visited by people who search about design. Everyday this blog displays inspirational design from Brazilian and American designers.

To make it ease for the readers, abduzeedo editor’s has made some categories. There are five categories, namely tutorials, inspiration, wallpapers, interview and jobs. Turorials itself divided into six which are Photoshop, Illustrator, Fireworks, Pixelmator, Case Studies and Quick-Tips.

ads in abduzeedo
The name abduzeedo originated from Portuguese language ‘abudzido’ which mean kipnapped. The founder then modify it into ‘abduzeedo’. In managing his blog Sasso was helped by some bloggers. All the bloggers comes from Brazil.

Besides abduzeedo has many frequent visitors it also gain huge income from the advertisement. There are many form of advertisement in this blog. Abduzeedo has main advertisement in form of banner which located in upper right of the web page.

There are also a banner ads in the right side bar in the middle of the web page. And advertisement in form of icon sized 20x20. All of this banner ads using CPM system.
Abduzeedo also maximizing the use of Google Adsense, which placed right under the header. 

Until the midst of 2010, this blog has Google Page Rank 6 and Alexa 3,862. This is one example of successful blogs on design basis.

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